Can’t Sleep


When I can’t sleep, I write.

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  1. When I can’t sleep, I play on my iPhone! I love when I have friends who can’t sleep too and we play Words w/Friends (basically Scrabble!) Lots of sleeplessness around, a symptom of something in our times, but what?

    Stopping by from 6WS
    Mom on Caffeine

  2. You do the write thing 🙂

  3. Funny how that cirularity works, eh?
    Cant sleep? Write.
    Can’t write? Sleep.

    That’s all there is (or is it just me?)

  4. I do the same thing, but I write in my head and then I can’t remember what I wrote the next morning, but I know they are brillant blog posts 🙂

    I think you are wise to actually probably put your thoughts down on paper if you can’t sleep!

    Hope there aren’t too many sleepless nights.

    Just visiting from 6WS 🙂


  5. Turning on a light would wake me more so I write a list in my head as opposed to on paper. At least the thoughts are released!

  6. Which is why I like you so much! When I can’t sleep I read.

  7. yes, yes. i am always amazed at how calming getting my thoughts on paper truly is.

  8. I believe if you suffer from insomnia, you should go and do some housework- you will never have insomnia again. LOL

    Have a peek at my new etsy shop with my art.

  9. Oh me too! I couldn’t sleep in today so I got up really early and then I wrote a poem about it!

    Happy SWS!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  10. I’m like Betty, above. I think about things to write and then I forget them 🙂

  11. Well then, sometimes insomnia can be a blessing!

  12. Great way to calm the brain – or at least focus it on something besides the troubles that are keeping you awake. My problem is that the pieces I write in the middle of the night never seem to go anywhere come morning. 🙂 Have a great, well-rested week.

  13. It is as simple as that! Same here…

    this is my first 6WS:
    …wonderful to read your words today



  14. When I can’t sleep – I give up trying to sleep and just try to relax.

    I lie there and let my mind wander.

    It often works.

    If my mind keep focusing on something, normally a worry, I try to resolve the issue:

    Why am I choosing worried – what’s the worse that can happen?
    Is the worse going to happen no-matter what I do?
    Will worrying help?
    If the worse that could happen isn’t guaranteed to happen, what can I do?

    If I can do it – right there and then – I go do it!
    Then I go to sleep!

    If I can’t I make a good plan/take *some* kind of steps to resolving the issue..

    ..then I try not to sleep, and.. sleep!

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