at the sunset hour
ghostly hissing grasses dance
scaring only mice

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Northern Arizona
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  1. Great shadow shot and words for the season! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  2. Lovely shot and a wonderfu haiku!
    Your words and photos mesh beautifully.

  3. The grasses look rather pale and lifeless, the end of the day lighting making them seem lifeless. Au contraire say the grasses, we are a lively as can be. They only insist on their beauty sleep at this time…

  4. my cat loves it when the grass/leaves rustles, because he knows it’s a mouse…and he will sit and listen for long periods of time. it is very funny to watch him. happy sss mmt. beautiful colors to your sky.

  5. whoa, love the shot with just a hint of sunset’s final glow. it IS a bit spooky. I’m anxiously awaiting the book. I want to pre-order. Happy Halloween to you MMT.

  6. Hissing grass…That scares me!! Really though, I like the way the sunset is sifting through the grass in this shot.

  7. I just realized that my dog’s blog profile was showing on the comment I just left, but too late! (My dogs don’t do ShadowShots!)

  8. Ah, sunset. The portal between the worlds of light and dark. Nice shot, and an excellent poem.

  9. NIce very special shot.

  10. Maybe just the mice! When I walk in the marshy areas in Florida, the palm tree fronds swishing scare me sometimes. (They sound snaky).

  11. I would love to hear those ghostly grasses. Your photo is lovely.

  12. I enjoyed your unusual interpretation of the prompt.

  13. Lovely lighting in the photo of a wild space! And love the sibilant hissing in your haiku!

  14. I don’t know about that….I am such a scaredy cat I might be frightened by them. I kid you not. Your haiku today is a fine one. Love the use of the word “mice.” genie

  15. I really like the wildness of these grasses! Super!

  16. The sounds of the blowing grasses and the swaying of the undulating waves of green always mesmerizes me…a moment to pause…

    I was late with my SSS this morning, my pc wouldn’t let me sign in, but my SSS is online now, have a great week!

  17. Love the angle of this shot, and the haiku is perfect for the shot and the season.

  18. Love the shadow effect and the great haiku! Great sentiment for the season!

  19. I thought that looked like a southwest sunset!
    Don’t you just love the native grasses at this time of year? They seem quite magical.

  20. You described the time perfectly.

  21. Words well chosen for the time of the day!! A hiss in the grass would be scary for man and mice!! A disastrous tussle that would be!!

  22. Like both your text and photo!

  23. Beautiful, Awesome.. what a lovely pic and use of so many prompts..well done…MMT…

  24. Lisa at Greenbow

    What wonderful imagery this haiku evokes. A perfect poem for this time of year.

  25. Delicious haiku, very pretty picture.

  26. Simply BEAUTIFUL .. the twilight .. the ghostly grass dancing in the wind .. whispering in my ear ever so softly .. it couldn’t get any better : )

  27. I can almost hear the grass hissing 🙂 Well done.

  28. Your ‘ghostly’ haiku is haunting and fitting for this time of year!!
    Breathtaking photo…as always.

  29. 🙂 great posting!
    Happy Sunday from Helsinki!

  30. Oooo, I love the photo AND the Haiku!

  31. Lovely photo. One of my favorite scenes to photograph is the setting sun. Especially when it sets with tones of red.

  32. hissing grass…sounds like a serpent…great haiku

  33. Ahhhh, I know that sound well, growing up on the prairie. Brings back such memories!

  34. I feel for the mouse scurrying in the undergrowth,ours is the beautiful overview where grasses dance bathed in the evening hour!

    Thanks for your lovely words and image.

    Sue x

  35. an interesting take on the theme. lovely work, the picture and words. but i guess i won’t like to be caught out there after dark 🙂

  36. At that ghostly hour at dusk, anything that moves is scary. Great write!


  37. gives me the willies thinking of ghostly grasses hissing… tho’ a beauty of a photo… after dark it’s all different!

  38. I really like the colors in this one!

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