after seven frosts
even the sunflowers are
weary this morning

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Northern Arizona
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  1. Oh, I can so relate!!


  2. We also have had a few hard frosts now .. my Pacific Sunset maple is dropping leaves and you can actually hear them drop ! .. Ah .. sunflowers keep giving no matter what: )

  3. The desert seems like it should be warm, and we do not often associate this place with frost. However, the sunflower says otherwise. New growth will occur again, the flowers will be as yellow as the sun…

  4. Another excellent seedhead!

  5. Beatiful personaification of the sunflower! Gives an intimacy to the image!

  6. Another great shadow shot. I think we can all relate to your verse.

  7. Wonderful Haiku to go with your weary sunflower..I’m also surprised you had frost in Arizona.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  8. I do believe this one has gone to bed for the winter. Nice job.

  9. A different view. So simple but so deep.

  10. Your photos and poetry are so beautiful and inspiring!

  11. That’s a sunflower? Looks like it has been through the wringer.

    I love your “Shadow, Will You.” Thanks!

  12. Wow, so dramatic!
    How’s this:

    A little less fresh
    I may be drier now, but
    I’m still standing tall.

  13. I love this composition with a nice texture and a delicious light. The haiku is masterful.

  14. This is a lovely photo of a sunflower when most would consider it at its “unloveliest”!

  15. Fabulous. That looked like me, trying to solve my link problem this morning! Love you photo.

  16. Sad to see…this means the end of our lovely warm weather!!!

  17. winter season havent started yet but im weary of it already. lol

  18. I think these ‘weeds’ have a beauty of their own. Nice capture!

  19. Very cool shot. You have made them still look beautiful.

  20. What a great title for this poor sunflower photo. Great detail.

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