Heart Song


even in my heart
the fading leaves are falling—
autumn’s obsession

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Raven Run Nature Sanctuary, Lexington, Kentucky
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  1. Beautiful!

    Have a fabulous week.

    Liz @ MLC

  2. Thanks for the lovely photo and haiku for Postcards from Paradise. Paradise is everywhere if we just remember to open our eyes wide and imagine.

  3. Very pretty!

    Come take a peek at my MYM entry, am sure you’ll have fun!

  4. oh my this is so very dear.
    as are you friend!

  5. You could easily publish several books of just your photo with each of your haikus. They are never fail to amaze me.

  6. the small leaves on the ground make a lovely carpet

  7. obsession with winter is what i suffer 🙂

  8. great haiku (and picture), though i detect a tinge of melancholy in it. i thought you said it was difficult to write a haiku with the theme “obsession”. 🙂

  9. I see the sun’s light filter through and fleck with gold the fallen leaves, to bring much beauty to the scene!! As yet the November colors are bright and emerald green!! Winter’s not in!! Lovely photograph!!

    Coming from Haiku Heights.

  10. You have brought a bit of nature to me this morning. Thank you.

  11. Kind of sad and lonely are the text ^_^

    Finding Yellow & Blue

  12. Maybe I am crazy…or maybe I really am having eye problems…but I swear this shot looks like there are some bluish berries down near the water. This shot looks like it could have been taken in Hobbit Land. genie

  13. A nice blend of season and feeling.

  14. beautiful stream and nature, great shots, loved it 🙂 Dropping some love for MYM, hope that you can return the favor too.

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