Lady Sunflower


Lady Sunflower,
though your head is bowed with age,
still you glow with grace.

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Northern Arizona
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  1. She bows with a dignity borne by age. The elegance, although a bit faded now, yet we enjoyed the performance all season long…

  2. Hmmmm she looks about like I do this morning — not sure I’m doing it with dignity though! Hope you have a great weekend!


  3. This sunflower past her prime is like a marvelous wise old crone!

  4. I’ve always thought it curious that sunflowers do just that – they turn their face to the sun while flowering and then bow in humility once spent. their heads are heavy with seeds… fantastic haiku. happy weekend to you MMT.

  5. Neat shot! She looks like I feel sometimes 😉

  6. as soon as i opened your site and saw…lady sunflower…i knew i was going to love your photo…and i do. thanks for the heart smile today mmt.

  7. What an amazing shot this is of such a beautiful sunflower bowed with age but so full of grace and presence .. you describe her perfectly and anyone who views her presence will feel that very same way : )
    I share Ms. Becky’s thought on this too .. the face follows the sun until that point when its age catches up and the bowing takes over .. so curious ..

  8. Wonderful photo that evokes sadness and serenity.

    Beautiful Haiku, MMT, and I like that you personified the sunflower

  9. this i love.
    your reverence and acknowledgment for aging, for the presence of grace.

  10. I thought I saw this one, but it wasn’t this one.
    Have a nice day 🙂

  11. And yummy seeds for all.

  12. graceful indeed
    the top looks like she’s wearing a crown

  13. It is rather a sad, droopy looking plant.

  14. Love it! A stunning shot.

  15. Beautiful photo. Oh, how I love sunflowers!

  16. A bit sad, but still lovely!

  17. Proof that there is beauty in age. Good to know!

  18. Striking photo. Hope I can say I am growing in grace as I feel age creeping over me.

  19. A work of art. I actually LOVE when they get to this stage. And, so do the birds, I”m sure!!!

  20. She is definitely full of grace and beauty even though she is not at her best. What a nice photo. It is beautiful. It could be mistaken for a painting if you were not careful. Lovely. genie

  21. Despite its dying bow, it still exudes warmth! Beautiful!

  22. wherever did you find the verse to accompany your wonderful photograph? Just perfect fit.

  23. gorgeous colours and textures in this shot…

  24. Oh my gosh…that is one incredible photo!!!! They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder….I’m beholdin’ at the beauty.

  25. Hi!
    Beautiful!! Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  26. Sometimes I feel like that sunflower! Great shot n quote

  27. Even the dropping flower has such a graceful look! Love the blue sky too:)

  28. This cool shot my dear. Happy SOOC Sunday…

  29. The sunflower, though fading, is still quite a lovely shot!

  30. Beautiful! I love sunflowers whatever stage they are at the moment.

  31. Miss Havisham in another life!

  32. What a wonderfully dramatic picture!

  33. Mi Maam, you have amazing photogrpahy. it’s very clear and you can see every detail of the image. thanks for sharing this nice poem as well

  34. Great shot and it is still beautiful

  35. nice shot, I like your poem.

  36. Still graceful. Have a fabulous week.

    Liz @ MLC

  37. Beautiful capture.

  38. Great play of light on those withering petals. Well-captured!

  39. great composed with the blue sky and some sun shining on the flower.

  40. Lovely…although she almost looks as if she’s crying because she knows her season is coming to an end!

  41. Even at this stage, it still look a stunning beauty to me.

  42. humility, transformation, release…beautiful!

  43. Very nice haiku and the photo is lovely!

  44. the lady looks a bit sad. 🙂

  45. OK…here goes….my first try…I am determined Not to give up….

    The color yellow
    It soothes my soul and spirit
    Nature’s gift to me

    Hugs to you, genie

  46. Stunning Photo. There is so much detail here. One truly has to look beyond the fact that this flower is dying and see it’s grace and beauty as the sun shines through it’s fading petals.

  47. The flower is bowing down so gracefully. What a beautiful capture.

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