Shadow Dance


Dancing with shadows
among the urns and flowers—
you know the next step.

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: St. John’s Catholic Cemetery, St. Johns, Arizona
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Posted on November 24, 2011, in Arizona, cemetery, Friday's Fences, haiku, Haiku Heights, Himmelsk, Sky Watch Friday, St. John's Catholic Cemetery. Bookmark the permalink. 13 Comments.

  1. very interesting shot…simply magical, like you are..congrats

  2. Gorgeous clear blue sky
    Bridget #13

  3. Great picture! I like the shadows from the fence 🙂

  4. That fence goes on forever! Nice shot n shadows! Thanks for playing FF

  5. Wonderful shot – fine fence, great shadow, and I love the desolate cemetery.

  6. love the fence and the shadows…

  7. Nice shoot..
    Have a fine weekend 🙂

  8. You get the blue ribbon for this one…..the fence + the awesome shadow are in my mind the winners for the week. You are just the best, my friend. Like with the tongue on the ice tray, this time I relate because my next biggie may well be the urn…though it will be a little quilted bag I have made that will go into the ground. I have definitely climbed to the top of the mountain and am now on my way back down. Am trying to slow it down because I have a few more things I would like to do before the ultimate final call. Am living each day to its fullest and am so thankful each morning as I awaken hurting. If I don’t wake up hurting then don’t guess I am waking up at all. Still working full time at 72…maybe that counts as slowing it down :-)…just a bit of my usual bits of old lady wisdom. genie

  9. you know the next step…

  10. Gorgeous shot, great fence and great shadows.

  11. really lovely shot! and I love your title!!!

  12. Wonderful fence shot and haiku.

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