Light, at your return,
each bud and leaf and blossom
forgives your absence.

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Riverside County, Southern California
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  1. Now everything’s ok. The flowers in full blossom even though light wasn’t there then. Great verse!


  2. Very creative and well shot photo ~ ~ Perfect for RT ~ thanks, Carol (A Creative Harbor)

  3. Wow, love this photo! Wonderful food for thought!

  4. Beautiful macro and bokeh! The photo breathes harmony, in composition and color.

  5. Your photos are always nice, but it’s your poetry that really grabs me every time!
    Happy REDnesday,

  6. You never disappoint us with your post. Always so different and interesting.

  7. Hey, MMT, as usual, you are brilliant.. beautiful write… we often do it with people who shine like light in our lives.. ..

  8. And we forgive when they come back.

  9. beautiful photography. thank you. {from i heart maco}

  10. Now that is lovely. Witty too

  11. Your bokeh in this beautiful shot is awesome…and your haiku is lovely. THe blooms are gorgeous. I am curious to know what plant this is. It is really pretty. We are so cold here today…the temps have really dropped. I think winter is here a few days early. genie

  12. i love how flowers sleep at night & reopen in the light!

  13. Beautiful photo and words…

  14. Beautiful photo and sweet Haiku to accompany it!

  15. What a nice haiku, and the picture … wow

  16. What an unusual plant — I wonder if those are buds yet to open, or the full flower. Beautiful either way!

  17. A great haiku – full of hope.

  18. Amazing detail on these buds (What type of plant/flower?) – The Poetry is just lovely and goes so well with your photo.

  19. Nice – great picture to go with, too!

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