Are they whispering—
space and shadow, grass and stone—
to your famished soul?

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Northern Arizona
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  1. nature indeed whispers to our famished soul… nice one ~

  2. The outcropping offers a stark view of a desolate place, The tree once providing shade, but now fallen. Happily, the arid land allows for life in the form of the grasses. Harsh, yet beautiful!

  3. Nature communicates in many ways. Great words.

  4. Question is – are we listening? Well dome MMT..

  5. if space and shadow whispered together, would it be in harmony?

  6. “to your famished soul” – WOW!

  7. Interesting observation. Very vivid.

    Erick Flores

  8. Wonderful, sharp textures and shadows in this beautiful image! And love the soulful question embedded in the haiku!

  9. Beautiful! Hasn’t each of us experienced that famished soul at one time in our lives?

  10. You know, the shadow from the end of that old tree trunk looks like the head profile of a cherub angel.

  11. I wonder what kinds of things are lurking in the shade of those dark shadows!

  12. One HOT shot you have here!

  13. lovely haha! yes i can hear their whispers!

  14. Wonderful image…I see ‘her coming right out of the stone!

  15. Beware the black holes in the earth that lead who knows where . . .

  16. Nice shot. Happy SOOC Sunday.

  17. Beautifully stark .. it draws you in to its elements .. that red red soil and the wood against it .. you can’t help but look more closely ; )

  18. Lovely shadow shot photo.

  19. I really love the rich color of the rock.
    This makes me want to go hiking.

  20. just amazing , how a you bought life to a lifeless picture 🙂

  21. You captured feelings of some childhood memories here – living in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. The words really echoed the sentiments of feeling when standing in the vastness of the red dirt plains on the edge of the Great Sandy Desert …… thank you 🙂

  22. Intriguing shadows
    In a desolate landscape:
    Nature’s hard edges.


  23. Beautiful, the intriguing balance in the shadows of dark n’ light! Loved it~

  24. I guess they do…some familiar words too!

  25. As always a great one. Yes they whisper to our souls. Thank God.


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