Spirit of the Fence


Spirit of the fence,
do you weary at your post,
watching for the dawn?

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Riverside County, Southern California
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  1. Very nice composition and capture.

  2. Interesting fence! I love the angle you have chosen, so low to the ground!

  3. BEautiful photo with interesting perspective and lots of intricate detail to explore.

  4. O such a lovely perspective! And a haunting question!

  5. Love the composition…the question does make you wonder!

  6. I weary at my post just like the fence. Love the haiku. The picture this week is so pretty. Like the cay you were able to capture the leaning board so beautifully. It must have been a pretty day. genie

  7. fences always entice me to photo them as well, lovely,….Merry Christmas I have made a card for sky watchers at my site.

  8. What a great fence. I’m from Riverside, California. Lived there until I moved to Utah. It’s exciting for me to see a fence from Riverside. Great shot!

  9. fences and benches, they’re always eye-catching to me too. nice photo and a lovely haiku to go with it.

  10. This is a lovely capture. Your poem is wonderful.

  11. Love this photo. Love “hogwire” fences.

  12. lovely,

    try to write something for short story slam week 17, you can make it, aren’t you?

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      Sadly, I’m not a short story writer…at least as far as my blog is concerned. However, thanks for the invitation.

  13. Nice angle—makes for an interesting perspective.

  14. Beautiful skies over this fence. I always see a rural fence as gently holding those who reside within in a very long armed embrace.

  15. Haven’t I seen this fence earlier?
    Yhank you for your words an you pictures. 🙂

  16. never falter in your waiting.
    the light of the world comes for us each and every new day.

  17. I think only time will weary. Nice one.

  18. As a Libra, I have been known to have that spirit on the fence sometimes ! 😉
    Here’s to choosing the right side to dedicate your Soul to !
    Happy Winter !

  19. An eye-catching fence and a great composition. Merry Christmas to you!

  20. Great perspective for this shot. I’m still learning how manage the different “grounds” in each photo.

    Happy holidays and best regards for 2012.

  21. Great photo. I love the haiku. It is a very nice play on words and the personification of the fence adds a great deal of interest. Nice!

  22. what a beautiful image this brought to mind. very skilled to do that with a haiku! Nicely done!


  23. Have a nice day

    monika 😉

  24. a world full of too many fences, weary I am sure, we need to take down some of these fences in 2012!

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