Frozen Sunflower


Frozen sunflower,
on which page is it written,
the end of your days?

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Northern Arizona
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  1. Stunning–what a contrast from the Yellow Bloom!


  2. How wonderful! Beautiful picture complemented by a very appropriate haiku.
    Many thanks for participating in Floral Friday fotos!

  3. How cool… literally. LOL! Sorry about Mr. Linky. I’ve updated it and re-entered your link for you.

  4. What a great capture! I’m glad it’s the sunflower and not me though! Does look COLD! Hope your week is going well!


  5. wonderful pondering poem
    lovely image too

  6. It took me 2 hours
    to get to my warm abode
    because of a “trace.”

  7. The fading beauty is beauty indeed at another stage! Gorgeous!

  8. What a work of art you’ve captured through the lens this time around!!! Beautiful.


  9. Great photograph but you shot a zinger of haiku at us.

  10. This is dry freezed sunflower seed???

  11. This is lovely, and something to think about. I am glad I don’t know which page!

  12. Stunning photo and haiku.

  13. I really admire photos like this where the subject is not supposed to be beautiful, but it really is. Nature has beauty at all stage of life and death.

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