Haiku and Senryu by the Dozen: Take 2


I have forgotten
the reason for my journey—
this is far enough.
~~ ~~ ~~
There was no question
that we would rebuild our lives—
the question was how.
~~ ~~ ~~
Garden gate sagging,
weeds choking out the onions—
wild dereliction!
~~ ~~ ~~
I could hear singing
as I thatched the cottage roof—
her morning prayer.
~~ ~~ ~~
Seeking communion
with little fluttering things,
I find my soul’s home.
~~ ~~ ~~
Thousands of pigeons,
a furious featherstorm—
is there no escape?
~~ ~~ ~~
Breathing the same air
as my mortal enemies—
they and I are one.
~~ ~~ ~~
Is this how you pray?
By stuffing your mouth with stones?
Does God understand?
~~ ~~ ~~
Why grope for mere crumbs
when you have a wheaten loaf
buttered and waiting?
~~ ~~ ~~
Only crazy monks
would huddle on cold hearthstones,
hoping to get warm.
~~ ~~ ~~
a soulcraft journey—
not accomplished in a flash—
step by plodding step
~~ ~~ ~~
Unholy water,
bubbling from some hidden source,
will you stain my soul?

© 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. So many gems in this set. The second one brings up post-Katrina memories, and the fifth one reminds me of why I love to photograph butterflies. The ninth and eleventh ones are full of wisdom, and the pigeon one evokes images of a certain Hitchcock film.

  2. what a wonderful collection of haiku…wisdom, spirituality….nice work!

  3. I cannot define what it is that I liked about your poem. But, there is some magic in the way you write things 🙂 Happy rally

  4. Cool.
    Love “wild dereliction” – great phrase!

  5. Awesome verses. Loved reading these. Thanks for sharing

  6. “Why grope for mere crumbs
    when you have a wheaten loaf
    buttered and waiting?”

    – wonderful! 🙂

  7. brilliant set of haiku

  8. I also say awesome – brilliant writing! *clap clap*

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