Hummingbird Heaven


bright crimson blossoms
high above the city streets—
hummingbird heaven

Text and photo © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Photo: View of Zacatecas, México from Cerro de la Bufa
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  1. Fantastic contrast. Great capture on this photo. I just read another Haiku post using the word crimson, so, your use jumped out and grabbed at me, made it more powerful. Funny how that happens, after all, there are no coincidences. Hope all is good with you.

    Much Peace

  2. I love those bright flowers that attract the birds. Nicely penned.

  3. beautiful words to paint the beautiful picture.. MMT, I invite you to write for Haiku Challenge 2012.. Visit my blog for more details..

    Someone is Special

  4. Beautiful shadow capture for the day! I love the color and the background and you always have the perfect words to match! Enjoy your weekend!


  5. This bright spot of color is beautiful. Hummingbird Heaven – I like that visual. 🙂

  6. The hummingbirds, like the human, need to head to the hills to escape the crowds. So being near the city is okay, the views of the expanse below is neat, there but not quite there!

  7. Henreitta Katie Choplin


  8. Lovely photo and haiku.

    Regards and best wishes

  9. what a scenic view!! love the stone path gently covered with a shadow from the tree!! and just the pop of color it needed in the foreground from the flower. it has it all.

  10. it is lovely to see your lovely shots from mexico…I do miss it very much!!

  11. Hummingbird heaven has a nice ring to it.

  12. This one seemed to blossom right onto my heart–awesome picture and words 😀

  13. Wonderful words with a beautiful photo!

  14. That pop of color really makes the shot!
    Oh…to be a hummingbird 🙂

  15. Amazing too, how such a tiny thing can have SO much energy! I could sit there all afternoon waiting for those hummingbirds!

  16. Beautiful photo and haiku to match. Love hummingbird heaven!

  17. What an awesome view–and the Hummingbird’s will surely love the Red!


  18. I love the composition, the contrast of the city, the lines, and the spot of red!

  19. This is a beautiful shot. The colors and textures…wonderful!

  20. Magical perspective! Light below on the cityscape melee and the sense of shadowy Nature above creates a beautiful, unusual photo opportunity!

  21. “Hummingbird heaven”–I love it. Beautiful shot and another lovely haiku. Mickie 🙂

  22. Beautifully composed shot!

  23. I could imagine a red plumed hummingbird in the heaven, MMT 🙂

  24. That is a beautiful scene. The bright red flower, the shadows on the walkway, the mountains in the far background, and the city with it’s houses and buildings all come together to make a wonderful photo.

  25. It’s heavenly looking down the valley below from the paved stones, what a scene! Great verse MMT!


  26. beautiful piece of heaven 🙂

  27. Beautiful capture, love the composition and the shadows.

  28. Stunning! Just stunning!

  29. Love the small dot of color against the cityscape below- nice! And your haiku is just perfect.

  30. A perfect spot overlooking a grand city. Loved it.

  31. oi, oi, oi this IS beautiful post!

  32. Lovely picture and an apt description! 🙂

  33. Great shot. little flower can see the whole city. Greetings.

  34. Fabulous photo, and hummingbirds do love red, don’t they?

  35. Lovely ode, perfectly illustrated!

  36. What a view and a nice haiku to go with it. My Skywatch Friday.

  37. I enjoyed your haiku. The hummingbird certainly does have a bit of heaven high above the city streets!

  38. Beautiful humming bird heaven! This shot takes my breathe away! Happy SSS!!

  39. This is what I called shadows, Madame §;-)

    Have a great week ahead.


  40. MMT … you did it again. A wonderful picture with a nice haiku. Lovely imagery.

  41. amazing take, love to see how you take the same word differently and from many different angles.

  42. love watching and listening to hummingbirds when they find their heaven — nicely done, MMT!!

  43. I like to seeing thing from higher place, it’s make me think that I am so small.

  44. I like to seeing scene from higher place, it’s let me know that i am so small.

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