Jesus Says One Word


Jesus says one word
high atop the temple fence,
where his old dream walks.

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Templo de Fátima, Zacatecas, México
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  1. A very good friday to you~

  2. The fence has beautiful workmanship!
    Lovely haiku!

  3. Beautiful workmanship..

  4. What interesting contrasts you found here. The sky is quite dramatic with those layers going on up there!

  5. What a wonderful photo! Have a nice Friday, and nice weekend!:)

  6. Wow…the work that must have gone in to this fence is just amazing!!

  7. Beautiful picture. Brought the scripture words to life! Thank you!

  8. love the words here. such a view. thankful. (:

  9. Beautiful words for an excellent photo ~ namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor)

  10. that is so very beautiful

  11. Wonderful words, beautiful haiku!

  12. heart stirring with soulful beauty.
    sometimes one word is all we need.

  13. Pretty! And that sky is just a gorgeous blue!

  14. Beautiful and unique.

  15. I adore old buildings with all their tales of the past…beautiful!

  16. Very nice and from the heart.

  17. Old vs new (in the background)…I much prefer the old…a beautiful fence.

  18. Beautiful photo.

    Regards and best wishes

  19. And that one word… even the stars are singing it, the moon, the sun, the clouds in the sky, why it is a symphony now…

  20. More sacred geometry. I could have used your haiku as a mantra when I walked the upper wall around old Jerusalem.

  21. wonderful – where is the photo i wonder?

  22. What a great picture blending that old ornate fence with the urban backdrop.

  23. I want to say one word ~ ‘Beautiful’

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