Virgin’s Cult


Virgin’s cult
meets within these walls
to worship
~~ ~~ ~~
Where shadows lengthen,
faith and doubt keep company,
pilgrims weep with joy.

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Santuario de Nuestra Señora del Patrocinio, Zacatecas, México
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  1. An intriguing line…virgin’s cult ~

    Perfect form ….well done ~

  2. Oh wow, this is a fantastic Shadow Shot! The archway is so ornate and such clean cut shadows. have a great weekend.

  3. Terrific shadow shot for the day! I love the “virgin’s cult” even if it wasn’t a prompt you would have chosen! Hope your weekend is off to a good start MMT! Enjoy!


  4. A beautifully written haiku 🙂

  5. I’m glad to have done with it too! Yours is awesome.

  6. What a great perspective you caught this from! I love the shadows coming from behind you!

  7. detailes in the shadow, magnify.. wonderful building.. thought provoking haiku!

  8. The shadows of the portal and gate are large, almost imposing. The solitary pilgrim leaves a much smaller one. Yet, the pilgrim in his faith allows for a shadow small in stature but really large in spirit…

  9. Such an intriguing shadow! I love the shadows of the suns, and the cross. Great perspective on the archway.

    The second Haiku is amazing.

    “Faith and doubt keep company” – wow

  10. Beautiful shadows.

    Regards and best wishes

  11. a perfect replica in the form of a shadow!! beautiful shadow.

  12. Second one is beautiful..MMT.. beautiful contrast.. lovely..

  13. If a Christian is a follower of Christ, a Marian must be a follower of Mary, The cult of the Virgin is spot on for this obscure prompt, and was my starting point too.

    In answer to your question on my post – ‘sitting there like Piffy’, was something my grandma used to say, I believe it was popular in the 1930’s.

  14. Love the architectural style and especially that sun spire in the middle of the arch! Lovely!

  15. What an amazing complex shadow!!

  16. wonderful shot, love how the texture of the ground makes textured walls in the the shadow. I’m glad to see you are still doing this link up. I’ve missed taking part.

  17. it is so true that faith and doubt keep company

  18. Wow, beautiful shadow shot, love it!
    Have a great weekend.

  19. the shadow is so perfect!

  20. Beautiful shadow photo. Very special.

  21. I’ll have NUN of that!
    Awesome wordageverbiage. The shadows lead you to the person and then the “door” to the Cult!!!

    Have a super weekend!


  22. Faith and doubt lose identity when a cult rules! Beautiful pairing of haiku!

  23. Back again…Meant to include a comment on your photo! It looks like the shadow shape of a wrought iron gateway arch with an insert of a shining sun! Beautiful shadowy pattern!

  24. Faith and doubt keep company….. so true.

  25. Fantastic shadow shot of that arch and plaza. I can see a Sunday afternoon festival here complete with Mariachi band and great food! Not sure about the virgins though.


  26. That is one beautiful shot! 🙂 Interesting place.

    Adin B

  27. My first to see a building for this purpose showing off great shadows.

  28. Such a beautiful shadow display!

  29. Great shadows and words…

  30. Nicely done MMT. Loved the read.

  31. Great read. Loved the second one.

  32. Awesome shadow photo. The rock walkway in itself is nice, but with such sharp detailed shadows cast upon them they are amazing!!

  33. Love the photo…and the phrase “virgin’s cult” great work!

  34. There is definitely a cultish feeling to Mary’s following sometimes. I think you did very well. After all, virgin cult calls forth many different things. Mary and the cults of the ancient world where they would sacrifice virgins.

  35. Beautiful crisp shadows. Fantastic picture.

  36. Once again, you never cease to amaze me with your eye for such artful shadows!!! And love your prose…as always [BTW…yes, I agree with that new Blogger Word Verification —it sucks swamp water!! What a pain.]

  37. MMT these are very pronounced shadows indeed ! they shrink for no one and proudly stand to be more than noticed !
    Great captures : )

  38. Very crisp shadows!!! that means? You have the sunny and warm weather. This is absolutely fabulous shot.

    It looks huge seeing the gate.

    Happy SSS…

  39. This is an interesting shadow show, lot to see…

  40. I love the second one–goes perfectly with the photo.

  41. One could worship under the shadows. Excellent capture!

  42. perfect! virgin’s cult.. perfect!

  43. Great shots of light and shadows. Nice architectural shot.

  44. beautiful shadows! Enjoyed your thoughtful haiku as well.

  45. Oh what beautiful shadows- I would love to visit this building.

  46. beautiful shadows on the stone work.

  47. Beautiful choice! Have a nice day!

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