No One’s Home


empty room
shadows in mourning
no one’s home

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: An abandoned house, Zacatecas, México
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  1. Yep, It looks very empty here.

  2. Moving out or in…no matter, the shadows stay with the house! Love the shadows cast by the stairs ~ and particularly loving that color of tile on the back wall!!
    Have a wonderful week MMT!!

  3. Wonderful photo MMT … with that haiku beneath it, it makes a wonderful haiga. Thank you for sharing tis one.

  4. What a wonderful shadow shot for the day! The feeling of emptiness and sadness is very moving and, of course, your words are perfect as always! Hope you have a beautiful weekend with lots of sun and shadows — happy ones!!


  5. Nice composition and perfect haiku for this photo.

    Regards and best wishes

  6. Wow!! What a super fabulous extra cool room that is!! And those stairs….those stairs!

  7. Wonderful Haiku and I love the way the stairs look in this shot, though I’m not sure I’d want to climb them!

  8. nothing moodier than an empty house and lingering shadows.
    brilliant and sad.

  9. I like the blue tile, but the room seems so sad. It will improve once someone moves in!

    Wonderful Haiku to accompany your photo.

  10. I like the steps, especially the stair shadows climbing up to the next lever. I really like the tiled walls in the kitchen. A minimalist view where it and the shadows are artistic without competition…cool!

  11. Always amazed at how they seem to hang those stairs out of mid air! Scary to walk on them…but then, ghosts are weightless. Yes?!

  12. Love the stairs, and the bright little kitchen.
    How cute is this place!

  13. Sad, Sad Shadows! Love the perspective!


  14. I love the ray of light and shadow.

  15. Wonderfully framed shot.

  16. Yes, a lonely looking space.

  17. Nice composition with the soft morning light, very empty just waiting to be occupied.

  18. The emptiness creates a sense of loneliness and a slightly unsettling feeling of being haunted by lost footsteps! Beautiful!

  19. great photo and love that tiled wall, what great colour…have a wonderful week.

  20. Oh it’s sad to see a totally empty room. But just think of the new things that will fill it soon. Cheers!

  21. Great shot. I must say it is quite sad looking, and those stairs are positively scary.

  22. What a strange place, and filled with strange shadows.

  23. waiting to be someone’s home…
    Have a good week ahead!

  24. Yes there is sense of abandonment and yes I do agree that Aix en Provence has echoes of Zacatecas………thanks for posting shots from Mexico – I do miss it….

  25. Fantastic picture, such great shadows.

  26. Great shadows cast here in this simple apartment. I especially like the stair shadows and how the tile glistens on the back wall. Outfitted with a small table and chairs and a lounge of some sort and it would be complete.


  27. Very interesting staircase, the steps seem to come right out of the wall. The room has a lonely feel of abandonment in the morning light.

  28. So glad it was empty super shot!

  29. It is not good to leave homes empty too long. They become filled with more than just shadows.

  30. thanks for visiting my entry.. I’ll be back to see your shadow shot. it didn’t load in my end..

  31. Pretty shade of blue.

    Happy Blue Monday!

  32. So lonely and so empty:(

    Visiting for Blue Monday- hope you can stop by:)

  33. So empty and quite hehhe. From BM!

  34. Thanks for the awesome reply on how old a shadow was–since the Light was created–I wanted to tell you that as well as I still love the steps

  35. Doesn’t that staircase make you wonder what’s above?! Your words and picture are a perfect match! Wonderfully evocative!!

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