Sunday I’ll be…


…driving ten hours. Sound like fun?

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Posted on March 3, 2012, in Six-Word Saturday. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. yup! I love car – journeying! take care on those wheels ..

  2. Depends on where you are going! Stay safe 😀

  3. Not really. Though my husband insists on doing all the driving so it usually means reading or naptime for me. I hope you have safe travels and enjoy the time you spend at your destination!

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

  4. Actually, I do love to drive! 🙂

    (It’s a good thing…b/c I’ve always been single and if I want to get anywhere, it’s up to me to do the driving!)

    Thanks for stopping by my 6WS. 🙂

  5. 10 hours would be the death of me,
    but a few stops along the way to stretch would make it possible.
    Also, I’d have to trust the driver!!

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