First Flowers of Spring


For weeks I stumble through dark clouds of grief, after losing my little point-and-shoot camera to an ignominious death. My constant companion on nature walks no longer functions—the lens will not retract—and I slog through my beloved wilderness with unseeing eyes.
Yet a new day dawns, with a new camera, and I am ready again to romance the little things that others spurn.
I slip through a fence with a sign that warns against trespassing, my heart beating wildly. Will this be the day that my transgressions are discovered?
But I have no time to worry, for at my feet I spy some tiny, reddish-purple flowers. Willing the wind to pause in its pummeling of the delicate blossoms, I fish my camera from my pocket, kneel, and focus the lens for the first photo of the day.


First flowers of spring
nourished by underground streams—
we drink together.

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Southern California
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  1. Beautiful! Love the connection with nature, in the haiku especially. And I know that feeling of losing or leaving a camera behind, that heightened focus, attentiveness, when I have it with me.

  2. Oh, how kind are the flower, the wind and the new camera to come together in this lovely haibun.

  3. Lovely photo.

    Regards and best wishes

  4. Hi MMT ~~ That first flower of spring did wonders for you and your new camera. 🙂
    If you still want to use our old camera (who having a new one would?) the lens might be able to be pushed in after you shut it off. My Kodak died that way, a slow death for both of us.

  5. Beautiful words and sentiments. I am sure your new camera will become your amazing new eyes.

  6. Beautiful macro shot! I totally understand the connection you have with your camera; I never leave the house without it 🙂

  7. I am glad you have a new camera. I have a point-and-shoot that is always in my pocket. It is a trusty companion. Your photos are wonderful.

  8. Enjoying the insights to your world 🙂

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