Nature’s Songs


“I hear America singing,” Walt Whitman wrote, “the varied carols I hear.”
I too hear singing, but instead of coming from throats of carpenters, masons or boatmen, it comes from sky and star and stone. It comes from weeds and wind and wild things. It comes from crow and cricket and cottonwood. It is the singing of the high desert, and like the Siren songs that seduced Odysseus and his companions, I cannot ignore it.
I hear it as I help a student proofread her essay. I hear it while I confer with a parent about his son’s behavior. I hear it while I am grading papers.
At day’s end, I slip into comfortable clothing and walk into the nearby wilderness. The stones and weeds and dust greet me with rejoicing. They knew I would come.

a cricket chirrups
three stones confer with the wind—
my house is too small

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Northern Arizona
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  1. Your introductory words create a beautiful sanctuary! A delightful way of quietly explaining the “small house”!

  2. I relate completely…beautiful words and thoughts. ~Susan

  3. delightful post (s) ~ very contemplative ~ photos are awesome ~ thanks ~~ namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor)

  4. both nature poems conjure beautiful thoughts and warm smiles =)

  5. prose and haiku, each perfect. I wish I could give you 10 likes!

  6. Such is the return of spring…lovley..

  7. True love doesn’t have to be just for the ocean blue – it can be for stones, and winds, and dust. I do understand it, feel it very well. And in the picture, it’s funny, I cannot help thinking that I’ll take just a few more steps and see the ocean, I think your haibun brought it to the desert!

  8. MM, This is so well thought out. I can be in this picture.

  9. What a beautiful haibun this is! It flung open a little door to freedom in my heart 🙂 Absolutely fab.
    (And thanks for dropping by my blog ~ pleased to meet you!)

  10. This is really nice. I love the way you haiku takes us one step further: the house is too small. Perfect.

  11. …how revealing… it is truly beautiful… a wonderful mantra…

  12. Beautiful image and words to follow… images+alliteration=beauty

  13. It comes from weeds and wind and wild things.


  14. I am there… wonderful! So this “haibun” thing is new to me, but it works well with what we’re doing! Right up your alley. 🙂

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