Seeking Sister Moon

Apache County, Northern Arizona

Seeking Sister Moon,
I found her chasing shadows
in the arroyo.

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Arroyo – ‘kuivunut virranuoma’…It’s only fair if I learn a new word here that I translate it, right? 🙂 Happy Sunday!

  2. (Arroyo sounds like such a romantic word!) Lovely dusky colours marked with shadow!

  3. The arroyo would be raging right now in my parts – and we didn’t get nearly as much rain as many!

  4. A shadow bridge! How awesome is that . Same arroyo you visit, I assume, just a different spot? What a treat.

  5. It almost seems like a human limb falling across the gully. Perhaps to pull each of the dry river banks together. Nice, the rough land allows for lovely shadows!

  6. You amaze me with your beautiful shots and your accompanying haiku.You have those talents of the Everready Bunny… can keep going and going and going. I would love to go walking in a spot like this. It is so very different from anything I see here in VA. You photo is a beautiful one and has “Come See Me” written all over it. genie

  7. Marvelous shadow shot! You do find such great ones out there in the wild!! Love them! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  8. Once again, a beautiful capture. Your Shadow Shots always make the everyday seem unusual. Happy SSS.

  9. Very good photo.

    Regards and best wishes

  10. is that a root that has presented itself or a fallen part of the tree. i am intrigued. great shot mmt!!!

  11. I like the splash of green from the tree!

  12. Arroyos are good places to find shadows!

  13. I have got to visit those landscapes–so foreign yet so comforting!

    Thanks MMT for taking us there!


  14. Looks like it is reaching for some much needed nourishment.
    Great shot.

  15. What? That’s the Philippines ex-president’s last name, eh? *LoL

    An absolutely great post as evah with the evah fave prose.

    Happy SSS…

  16. The root stays exposed to leave a shadow in the arroyo. Nice.

  17. Love how the fallen tree mimics the shape ~ wonderful!

  18. a beautiful scene…

  19. Super. The log is well placed to male a beautiful shadow.

  20. Fantastic capture, love the sharpness of the shadow.

  21. like a dancer doing an amazing extension

  22. The arroyo would be Full around here. Our rivers sure are. Nice photo and haiku!

  23. Beautiful photo and Haiku! Best wishes!

  24. I need a bike and protection gear. Let’s ride.

  25. Lovely and filled with wonderful textures of nature.

  26. I love the thought of her being playful!

  27. I am glad to read a ‘new moon’ inspired haiku written by you mmt … thank you for sharing … what a gorgeous ‘shadow’-photo … really amazing.

  28. 🙂

    And as for tatting… that’s why I put the link in.

  29. I love “sister moon”!! 😀

  30. Nice photograph and ‘arroyo’ is a new addition to my vocabulary… 🙂

  31. You have once more proven your gift for Haiku. Beautiful.

  32. This is unique.. the shadows of the arroyo means so much..

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