Haiku and Senryu: Another Half-Dozen

(I was in transit for 14 hours Saturday between northern Arizona and Southern California. My brain could handle only half the Wordle words Sunday. Here, now, are the other half-dozen. Enjoy!)

My Lady Mercy,
I pour out this libation,
hoping you will come.
~~ ~~ ~~
My Lady Birdsong,
when the bells begin to toll,
you flee far away.
~~ ~~ ~~
Lady Poverty,
how can I handle hunger,
homelessness and thirst?
~~ ~~ ~~
Medicine Woman,
the accident has rent me—
make me whole again.
~~ ~~ ~~
Warrior Maiden,
your saber mars my visage—
vengeance from your hand.
~~ ~~ ~~
My Lady Wisdom,
your words are charged with meaning—
I shall savor them.

© 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. As always I am jealous I have not got the haiku gene

  2. You carried the ladies beautifully through the second half. Your Sunday entries are a bit of an addiction for me. I LOVE them!

  3. Warrior Maiden,
    your saber mars my visage –
    vengeance from your hand

    While I enjoyed all of your haiku, the above struck me as a story to continue…you inspired this reply:

    blinding justice, true!
    what defense do you proclaim
    shall I lift the spell?

  4. Each one more beautiful than the last!

  5. Wonderful! I always enjoy these. Thanks for coming by and commenting on my fences post!

  6. “Lady Poverty,
    how can I handle hunger,
    homelessness and thirst?”

    Love it. Been on both sides of poverty.

  7. Wonderful words — and those little yellow globes definitely bring back childhood memories!

  8. I like how you tied these six together. I really like “My Lady Birdsong”.


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