Feather in the Fence


Feather in the fence—
someone must have stolen it,
for crow was asking.

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Fence around a small nursery, Southern California
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  1. Clever and fun to read~

  2. Gotta love clever corvids…nicely done!

  3. Nice shot. I always have goose feathers floating into my yard getting stuck in the fences and weeds.

  4. like the haiku…and the shot…remember getting caught on barbed wire when I was a kid living in the country

  5. Beautiful composition.

  6. Love the square wire fencing but the barbed wire on top – ouch!
    Clever on the feather prompt.

  7. really like the perspective in this! 🙂

  8. This is very clever. Love the photo too. My sister’s horse would LOVE to get at that grass – nothing is growing yet here.

  9. Good work, love the shot and the verse.

  10. Dejligt billede 🙂

  11. Nice shot – looks like a painful fence! I remember these well from my childhood – one did NOT climb these! Enjoyed the verse…

  12. The fence brings back memories.. oh yes, I too grew up on the countryside. Realy enjoyed your post today!

  13. lovely haiku ~ ‘we all get caught in fences’ at one time or another ~ thanks, namaste, Carol ~ Happy Weekend ^_^

  14. another draw the eye in perspective here

  15. Such a glorious blue sky! Such clarity!!!

  16. you managed to make wire pretty

  17. A very nice perspective…yes, very clever quote too!

  18. i do not think i have ever found a raven black feather. although i clearly live under their mysterious realm.

  19. This fence looks like the kind I needed to keep Zack, my crazy border collie at home. I have several photos of him sitting on top of the fence just ready to spring to freedom. He left “fur” feathers on our fence!

  20. Flott bilde,hva er innom gjerdet lurer eg på ?
    God helg til deg i dette grønne:)))

  21. Awesome find. Looks like this place has a many flowers. I am using my twitter account I can’t leave a message using my google account. ^_^ Thanks for the visit.

    Friday Fences

  22. What a clear and beautiful day….you are very clever, my friend. Loved the haiku. Watch out for that barbed wire…that is the word of the day everyday. I am always getting my jeans caught. genie

  23. I think the crow took it… he just wanted to see what you would do with those bare wires begging for a haiku to hang upon them in its place…

  24. Hi MMT, what a nice haiku, love the imagery.

  25. Very good and nice photo.

    Regards and best wishes

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