Sniffing the Air


Seeking signs of rain,
thirsty desert shadow tree
sniffs the bright blue air.

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, Southern California
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  1. That’s a really beautiful desert shot!

  2. great one…very deep and thoughtful… 🙂

  3. Oh, how beautiful that Haiku MMT…it creates intense thirst to read more of such haiku..making longing visible…

  4. I loved it 😀 :).
    It is awesome :).
    Very meaningful 😀 :).

  5. Very good photo.

    Regards and best wishes

  6. Excellent photo and can feel the aridness in the haiku ~ Wonderful. ~ namaste, Carol ~ have a great weekend ^_^

  7. You’re clearly the master photohaikuist master, Teacherman. Beautiful.

  8. The Haiku with this is delightful! What an image – the branches sniffing the air for water!!

  9. HOpe rain is on the way.

    Dessert have a beauty and a great character. So nice in a way but looks so hard in real life.

    The crisp shadow shows the hardship of the warmth of the sun.

    Great job.

  10. thirsty desert shadow tree
    best get READY!

  11. Sniffing the air. I like that! We’re sniffing the air here…Supposed get a lot of rain in Phoenix tonight. Our parched desert sure needs it. Happy SSS.

  12. Lovely haiku, and … again a wonderful photo. You are amazing me every week again.

  13. The tree looks all the more stark with the pops of green in the background

  14. Oh that’s a clever haiku!

  15. thewolfonthebridge

    Bee-yoo-tiful! Makes me want to travel to somewhere warm… Really atmospheric… 🙂
    Such a haiku master!

  16. What a gorgeous desert shot..

  17. Such an interesting shot!
    Composition, form, contrast – wonderful!
    Have a blessed Sunday!
    Lea’s Menagerie

  18. a very pretty shot…..

  19. This photo is wonderful and your “thirsty desert shadow tree” is a perfect match for it Well done haiku – I love it.

  20. Blue air??
    I think it must be blue sky

  21. A great desert snap-shot, MMT. And a wonderful haiku in support.


  22. Seeing all of your pictures of late makes me want to visit a desert area. This tree is so nice and filled with its own charm. You are certainly one of the best at what you do. For some reason Linky is saying my post thumbnail is already on the site, but it does not appear. Here is the link should you want to see the mountains of VA where we live. genie

  23. Don’t certain limbs of your shadow tree seem to be curving, leaping upward to dance with the blue sky? Awesome!

  24. sky is blue and so is the air

    radiation rampage 86-+

  25. Another great showing. This would also make a perfect SSS.

  26. I can smell the rain that brings Spring!


  27. Great image and love…smelling the bright blue air

  28. Beautiful haiku… air….never seen it…but sounds gr8 !

  29. brilliant personification. you weave such magical words when it comes to desert… 🙂

  30. I can’t get enough of these masterful haikus you write MMTeacher!
    Write on!

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