Bracing for a late winter storm.

More Six-Word Saturday

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  1. Oh, that doesn’t sound good…..

  2. fog so thick this morning, I couldn’t tell if a storm approached or not.

  3. I hope it’s been and gone harmlessly by.

  4. Stay warm, stay safe. Spring will soon set in.

  5. Oh dear. It’s cold here but the sun is trying to come out.

  6. Winter is my least favourite time. Hope its not too bad

  7. us too… but probably not as drastic as yours! Although they do say 4-6 inches of rain within 12 hours and that’s a LOT of water!

  8. There was a terrible Summer storm in S.E. Michigan on Thursday – thousands of lightning strikes, large hail, and tornadoes. Missed us, but hit hard to the south and west. Lots of damage.

    Stay safe.


  9. Weather is windy here today and they say it will be rainy and windy for several days now. I guess what they say is true…”March comes in like a lion”…and I just hope it will also be true that it “goes out like a lamb!”

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  10. Poor you, I hope all goes well in your area…sorry to hear this when most everyone is already experiencing a nice beginning to spring….!!!

  11. I’ve been holding my breath for our other weather show to drop. It has been so very warm and so very pleasant. Not complaining, but it is so out of character for this time of year.

    Hope it isn’t/wasn’t too bad.

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