Haiku and Senryu: A Simple Half-Dozen


Choosing to ignore
her previous wasted life,
she wrote another.
~~ ~~ ~~
Try ten thousand themes,
writing each of them by hand—
one tale will emerge.
~~ ~~ ~~
I hear them singing,
geese and mice and antelope—
festival spirits.
~~ ~~ ~~
Down seven hallways
my Lady Wisdom led me,
bidding me choose one.
~~ ~~ ~~
She follows wisdom,
no matter where it leads her,
upon pain of death.
~~ ~~ ~~
My sources tell me
that when bombs fell on Baghdad,
God shed bitter tears.

© 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. thewolfonthebridge

    Amazing as always. I particularly love the Following Wisdom one, the Seven Hallways, the Festival spirits and “my sources tell me”. Very powerful stuff…

  2. Down seven hallways
    my Lady Wisdom led me,
    bidding me choose one.

    This one sets the tone for me this morning… as usual brilliant 🙂

  3. That last one struck a deep chord in me. And I’m loving “festival spirits.” You honor animals. Do you share your haiku with students? I’m thinking they might like this one.

  4. That first one is great – “she wrote another.” And I liked the return of Lady Wisdom. Which hallway will we choose?


  5. Wow! MMT these are really wonderful to read. I am not such a writer of senryu, but I only can say this is a nice haiku form.

  6. I’m breathless. They’re beautiful.

  7. These are really pretty haiku! I especially like the first two because I love the concept of writing your life, the whole idea that “the rest is still unwritten” (thanks, Natasha Bedingfield…). They’re very well done and they encourage further reflection!

  8. Enjoyed all of them, my favorite is the second one. I really think that even though we might try different themes, we’re basically rewriting the same story, THE story of ours.
    At least that’s how I understood this haiku.

  9. “She wrote another”. … I wish we could do this for all those in areas of war.

  10. You never cease to amaze!! Each one is a personal favorite…and I noticed a part 2! YES!

  11. Reading them is like walking down a hallway and reading them off the walls. Nicely done.

  12. The idea of haiku graffiti is very intriguing. I can see it catching on quickly among kids. Can you imagine? How gorgeous.

    Your first haiku in this lot is a stunner.

  13. They are awesome haikus!

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