Seven Springs Ago


Seven springs ago
I knelt in awe and wonder
where bright flowers bloomed.
Where bright flowers bloomed,
I worshiped as a pilgrim,
seeking holy signs.
Seeking holy signs,
I felt as though a feather
had swept clean my soul.

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Flowers blooming at Mission San Juan Capistrano, Southern California
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  1. This string of haikus sounds like a crystal clear journey towards soul purification. I find it adorable – not only as ideas, but also as words you have chosen and composition you have made!

  2. MMT!!!!! I must say I think you’ve outdone yourself with the poetry! Seriously, this is the best you’ve created in my opinion. “A feather”…sweeping my soul clean. Awesome.

    And your flower is stunning. Deep rich colors.

  3. Beautiful flowers. But, I am not familiar with these. What are they called?

    Thank you for taking over Ruby Tuesday when Mary left. I returned from my sick leave to find her gone and was very distressed. I stumbled on this new version by accident and it made me day.

  4. Lovely verse and lovely flowers–Just stunning writing—

  5. Lovely photo and poem.

    Regards and best wishes

  6. I’ve never been to San Juan Capistrano but I’ve heard it’s lovely. Your haiku and photo are perfect for the first day of Spring.

  7. How beautiful, both image and verse.

  8. Just beautiful — I really love this poem. Sallie (FullTime-Life). commenting under my WordPress alias (because it’s the only way WP will let me talk ;>)

  9. This is a beautiful photo with wonderful words.

  10. Beautiful! Not only is this poetry, it’s food for the soul………..

    The French Hutch

  11. What a beautiful photo and poem. Thanks for that.

  12. Wow what a gorgeous photo and wonderful words! 🙂

  13. A wonderful red colour and love the melting sense of spirit in your poem!

  14. Lovely picture, and your verse is outstanding!

  15. No matter the season, you find the appropriate things to share.

  16. That idea of the feather sweeping the soul, wow!

  17. Spectacular flower and visual for the pilgrim’s words of wisdom, very nice!

  18. Both the flower and the poem are lovely! Happy Rednesday!

  19. How wonderful to put such beautiful images and words together!

  20. beautiful colorful flowers, love it 🙂 Visiting from MYM, hope that you can return a yellow visit too.

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