Feathered Sky


If you were erased,
the fence would have no shelter,
feathered sky of blue.

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Southern California
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  1. This reminds me of my first poem. My mother said that she saw ,the 4 year old me, sitting on the swing set looking at the sky. We lived in a hilly area and the sun came up beyond those hills. I walked into the house and reported…”The trees hold the sun while the clouds have fun.” It was really cool that she remember that and told me. 🙂

  2. I like that idea of the sky being a shelter for the fence–never thought of it that way.

  3. Nice picture, lovely colors:)

  4. Wonderful photo! Have a nice evening, and nice weekend!:)

  5. Flott bilde Nydelig himmel bakom gjerdet.
    God Helg :)))

  6. what gorgeous clouds & blue sky. wow!! (:

  7. Nice perspective with the shot and a lovely sentiment in your haiku!

  8. It’s certainly an important shelter.

  9. Lovely sky, poetic musing…

  10. Very lovely! Beautiful cottony clouds!!! Have a wonderful day!

  11. A lot to ponder here. Thinking I am a beautiful soft white cloud, I am indeed peaceful in that azure sky. Gentle thoughts today. I like this.


  12. A great shot that and befitting words.. as always.. MMT..

    Peep in here.. http://rameshsood.blogspot.in/2012/03/i-walk-into-hope.html

  13. Lovely haiku. Thanks MMT for sharing this with us. (Again a wonderful photo :-))

  14. I wonder if the fence and the sky havd a mutual appreciation..

  15. The skewed perspective of the fence, both in the photo and in the haiku, make this a winner. Great job!

  16. Lovely haiku and image combo…

  17. Great perspective! The blue of that sky is tremendous!

  18. Wonderful. I love the contrasts in the photo!

  19. Feathered sky of blue…. lovely!

  20. Very nice photo.

    Regards and best wishes

  21. Beautiful! Come follow me back!

  22. feathered sky.. wonderful!

  23. Oh, I always love an extra generous slice of sky. Really, I’m more greedy for big hunks of blue sky than for big hunks of pie!

  24. Just left a comment and it flew into that gorgeous blue sky. What I said was WOW! Not only did the beauty of the photo with its complex simplicity grab me, the words were even moreso. A zen koan of sorts. Read it over and over.

  25. What a fun and beautiful shot – the perspective is wonderfully unique!

  26. Beautiful shot! Love the blue sky and clouds over the fence!

  27. i like to think we all give each other shelter.
    i love the idea of it being the colour of this impossibly blue sky.

  28. Were you lying on your back to get this wonderful perspective? 🙂 The sky is endlessly fascinating, isn’t it? I try to photograph it every day.

  29. Your way of looking is magical!

  30. Lovely feathered blue sky.

  31. Great perspective…love the contrast of the fence n sky

  32. I am floating on this blue…

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