Haiku and Senryu by the Dozen


a basket of bread
some olive oil for dipping—
church bells bless our lunch
~~ ~~ ~~
Peruvian flutes—
with joy we eat our tacos,
slugging down red wine
~~ ~~ ~~
atom by atom
the alchemist will transform
water into wine
~~ ~~ ~~
only six pesos
for juices wrung from mangos
one glass, not enough
~~ ~~ ~~
morning light streams in
sprinkled with golden dust motes—
flies trapped in amber
~~ ~~ ~~
orchard in full bloom—
with supple limbs the dancers
twirling round and round
~~ ~~ ~~
sighing in the mist
two old monks in saffron robes
sweep up fallen leaves
~~ ~~ ~~
she gathers seasons
both terrible and tender
to her lavish heart
~~ ~~ ~~
What gauge will you use
to measure the spirit’s growth?
Even magpies know.
~~ ~~ ~~
She’s the deadly one,
acid dripping from her tongue,
poison from her lips.
~~ ~~ ~~
sniffing the north wind
the gardener’s acumen
tells him autumn’s near
~~ ~~ ~~
keep your hand moving
else you will not learn the craft
you long to master

© 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Excellent wordly haiku-ing.

  2. These are lovely morsels, as usual.

  3. Oooh I really enjoyed this collection this morning…surreal and wonder-filled!

  4. I enjoyed each of these beautiful haiku. I would say the first one was my favorite, as I could taste the bread dipped in oil and hear the bells and the whole scene created just appealed to me. Have you consideredself publishing a haiku collection?

  5. Oh to turn water into wine. 🙂 I love them all. Happy happy Sunday, and thanks for being here.

  6. I always love your haiku, but the first two seemed particularly vivid, although the saffron-robed monks stand out, as do the mangos 🙂

  7. The last haiku says it all…for me anyway. And then still we keep learning 🙂
    Poets are alchemists of words, and the wordles are just our tools that we transform.

    Thanks for that nice comment on my Wordle – still grinning!

  8. Love the first one. It reminds me of living in Mexico. Always a pleasure, mmt.


  9. I look forward to your haiku/senryu every Sunday. I like “Peruvian flutes”; I am there. I also like the “gardener’s acumen” and that last one – perfect!


  10. They’re all good but I favor the first one. Brings back some memories. Crushed black olives and garlic mixed in the virgin olive oil. Hmmmm

  11. Great collection of haikus. I love the last one, so true, practice makes perfect!

  12. I would like the monks to hang out with you as you slug down down that red wine. These are wonderful!

  13. All are lovely, but the first and sixth are my favorites. Now I’m hungry… I love bread like that!

  14. I enjoy your very visual haikus 😉 thank you.

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