Petal by Petal


from bud to blossom
wrens witness the transition
petal by petal

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Cactus blossoms at Mission San Juan Capistrano, Southern California
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  1. Beautiful! Happy RT2.

    Mine’s here.

  2. This is beautiful and I love the image the Haiku brings to mind.

  3. Petals are a succulent’s fragile keepsake that symbolize the special meaning of the ring of bird and desert. Just so eloquently captured by your piece!

  4. Transition so natural… pic so real…
    Simply Superb!

  5. What a wonderful haiku…as beautiful as the petals of the flowers. The mix of the green cactus with the reds of the petals of the blooms is lovely. I brought home a lonely what I call leaf from a cactus plant washed ashore during the hurricane. It looked dead, but I thought it was interesting so carried it home. Plopped it on top of a pot of dirt and now I have 2 wonderful 4 inch green sprouts reaching for the ceiling. I am so thrilled. genie

  6. Your haiku is every bit as lovely as the photo!
    Happy REDnesday,

  7. I have several cactus plants, but none have bloomed like this. Lovely!

  8. Lovely Blooms! I had a patch of cactus in the yard of my last house but the blooms were very small and yellow. I like these much better.

    Thanks for visiting the Amish town with me.

  9. What a beautiful capture! Thank you so much for sharing and for visiting my site! 🙂

  10. Beautiful!!! I so much love to see a desert in bloom.

  11. What a fine shot of those cactus blossoms!

    «Louis» thanks you for visiting San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.

  12. Those are lucky wrens! 🙂
    I miss the prickly pear cactus we had in El Paso.
    Your find is very pretty and the picture is wonderful!

  13. Beautiful flowers..Pretty cool!

    Visiting for RT-2- hope you can stop by:)

  14. Beautiful flowers.

    Regards and best wishes

  15. Beautiful flowers and a haiku to match. Perfect.

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