Deserted Branches


deserted branches
no crows have come to worship
blazing sky at dawn

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Sunrise, Northern Arizona
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  1. Simply wonderful and wonderfully simple.

  2. I love this….crows grab my attention any time they fly into a poem. It’s nice to be in April with you. 😉

  3. daryledelstein

    such an amazing sky .. such good words

  4. great one…these lines appears to have emerged out of some deep thoughts within you… 🙂

  5. The old tree seems to be raising its ‘hands’ in respect to the sunrise. It feels as if a beautiful day is rising beyond the horizon…

  6. This is creative!…Loved your thought! The picture speaks your words

  7. And look what they missed. A gorgeous photo!

  8. love it – and what a gorgeous picture

  9. So deep, your haiku are always very deep, meaningful.

  10. Yowza! Gorgeous sky and haiku to nicely emphasize it. Happy Tuesday!

  11. Beautiful picture…perfect haiku ~

  12. Love your haiku, mmt.


  13. Beautiful picture and. Haiku.

  14. Wow! … this picture … great. Those deserted branches, nothing in or on it … well done on the prompt.

  15. Great pic. and lovely verse.

  16. Just beautiful.

    Happy Easter!
    Happy Blue Monday!

  17. Nice picture!
    Wonderful haiku – blazing sky at dawn – beautiful imagery!!!

  18. Oh wow, this is stunning!

  19. Love the fiery sky.

  20. Beautiful capture. Happy RT2!

    Mine’s here.

  21. beautiful photograph..and a nice haiku..
    with a very great meaning..

  22. beautiful sky and makes the tree beautiful too 🙂 amazing shot 🙂 Dropping by for RT2

  23. Excellent photo to capture that sky and the contrast of the dead tree. I wonder where the crows were ?

  24. beautiful and haunting – well done 🙂

  25. There’s that blue! I’ve only seen that shade of blue in Arizona. You are so lucky. It’s probably because of no air pollution, huh? Love your haiku today and the photo took my breath away with the tree in silhouette.

  26. awesome photo that was a perfect match for your haiku MMT 🙂

  27. Finally I am able to log in to my wordpress account…:)

    Thanks to my friend who helped me retrieve it…:)

    Now I can always read anyone on wordpress and post comments like you MMT! 🙂

  28. Beautiful sunrise photo..

    Visiting for RT 2 – hope you can stop by:)

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