Tell Me, Sister Crow


Tell me, Sister Crow,
what do fence posts know of hope
or barbed wire of joy?

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Northern Arizona
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  1. up close & very personally. (:

  2. The crow would know the answer. Do they speak it to us as they caw caw caw inn the mornings? I’ll pay more attention and get back to you.

    I like this photo a lot, and the haiku is divine!

    Much Peace

  3. the fence post gave hope to the barbed wire to chain or coil itself and serve its purpose and this gave the barbed wire sheer joy….

  4. Ah, I wouldn’t think fence posts would like barbed wire any more than the crows would! I really like the visual.

  5. Really like the perspective. Barbed wire converted into a work of art.

  6. Wonderful photo! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

  7. Not much I imagine
    We call them the ‘bush bastards’
    Ever tried fencing?
    Bastard of a job:)

  8. Lovely picture…and I like your creative take on hope ~

  9. Married these two, in a twisted way, one obsolete without the other… Sister crow knows… she sits atop the post and picks at the twisted iron knots…

  10. I really like both of your posts this week. Very good stuff…

  11. Very unique haiku and I really like the picture. It leads to other thoughts of course, What do we really know of another’s hope – inanimate or otherwise?

  12. Oh, I really like this one! The image is intriguing and I love the contrast of the idea of joy paired with. Great!

  13. Wow! I like your question!!! Beatifully written haiku and very, very deep!!!

  14. the picture is lovely, like the dimension, focal point.. the image is true

  15. oh yeah. she knows.

  16. I like it. Twisted metal always makes a good subject.

  17. Love your photo. Your a very talented photographer. I have always found barbed wire hard to capture.

  18. Yes, and how cruel they can be! MMT. Great!


  19. Loved your take on the prompt…and lovely picture

  20. Loved your take on the prompt…and the picture is awesome!

  21. Indeed. They about as much about that as they do about the love that carries both along with it.

  22. Aw! OMG! What, indeed?

  23. Great contrast in this one. Wow!


  24. Oooh, good one! Love the photo and the haiku!

  25. A crow might know but
    I’m not a crow. They are gone.
    Alas and alac

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