An Easter Whirl

Each haiku or senryu below begins with a five-syllable phrase taken from the Gospel of John, Chapter 22 (Revised Standard Version), and includes one of this week’s Wordle words.

I have seen the Lord
spiked hand and foot to the cross—
bent, broken, bleeding.
~~ ~~ ~~
I see in his hands
clotted blood and shattered bones
where they drove the nails.
~~ ~~ ~~
While it was still dark,
Mary, drunken with sorrows,
stumbled to the tomb.
~~ ~~ ~~
Look into the tomb
where the faithful buried him—
something has gone wrong.
~~ ~~ ~~
Mary stood weeping,
praying dusk would come again
with its healing balm.
~~ ~~ ~~
Jesus said to her,
Why are you still staggering
under waves of grief?
~~ ~~ ~~
Why are you weeping?
Have you forgotten the songs
we sang by the sea?
~~ ~~ ~~
Do not be faithless,
although the very marrow
freezes in your bones.
~~ ~~ ~~
Those who have not seen
faith and doubt mate like lovers
will not understand.
~~ ~~ ~~
Other disciples
may not share your destiny—
still they follow me.
~~ ~~ ~~
When they saw the Lord,
they wanted the whole story—
he picked up his flute.
~~ ~~ ~~
I do not know where
addiction begins or ends—
but I know the Christ.

© 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Very well written about Christ’s passion. He is Risen!

    Happy Easter!

  2. Vivid take on the words!

  3. Just beautiful! I love the way you used the words to impart such positive words for Easter Sunday. Happy Easter to you!

  4. This is gorgeous. I love that your retelling includes singing by the sea. May Easter bless you with life’s goodness.

  5. Wow – this is an absolutely beautiful set. Superb celebration of Easter with Wordle words. Love what you did.

  6. Well-written. A little dose of Jesus to start my Easter. Thank you.

  7. Wow! You took these words and turned them into a thing of beauty, mmt. Nice!


  8. A great Easter swirl – I like the flute!

  9. A lovely idea, to borrow words for this day. You hit the right notes of faithlessness and fear – and mating “faith and doubt” – wonderful.


  10. May I copy and show these to my DIL – she teaches 4th grade in a private school. I think her students would enjoy these very much. At the very least I believe she will 🙂

  11. All I can say is Amen. May He keep playing the flute and my we be blessed to hear the unheard music.

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