A Whirling Baker’s Half-Dozen

(Each haiku or senryu below begins with a phrase taken from Carl Sandburg’s “Many Hats.”)

The wind has a song
richer than buckwheat honey
spread on thick brown bread.
~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Across the desert
a forceful wind is roaring—
only sands rejoice.
~~~ ~~~ ~~~
We will give a name
to all things sweet and fragrant—
try not to lose hope.
~~~ ~~~ ~~~
The broken pieces—
push them all out of your way
and build something new.
~~~ ~~~ ~~~
You can see her bones
and how flexible they are—
grind them into bread.
~~~ ~~~ ~~~
I met four people,
dramatic in their smallness—
they looked just like me.
~~~ ~~~ ~~~
I saw a blackbird
but he did not glance at me—
wingtips smeared with stars.

© 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Wingtips smeared with stars is my favorite line of the day. And that first haiku is brilliant…I’ve got thick brown bread in the oven right now. mmmm mmmm….

  2. These are lovely. I especially liked this one:
    We will give a name
    to all things sweet and fragrant—
    try not to lose hope.

  3. The haiku for richer is outstanding. I like this whole set. There seems to be a common thread.

  4. fascinating, the way you integrated these words into poems of your own…what a wonderful creative practice!

  5. I love those first three. By the way, I wrote six senryu for “being” today. Hope you like them.


  6. Enjoyed them all, particularly – the first three. Thank you for the inspiration!

  7. You have created both poems and aphorisms!

  8. These are wonderful, each one separate yet there seems to be a connective link. Thanks for visiting my site and you asked the best of all questions,


  9. Wonderful wise haiku – beautiful!

    Anna :o]

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