More Dead Than Alive


more dead than alive
Sunflower Maiden keening
for her fading hair

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Northern Arizona
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  1. Ha…very clever indeed,capturing the appearance of moi at the moment.

  2. Beauty can be found all around, as your photo shows. The sunflower may be fading away, but it still has beauty to share.

  3. Very thoughtful and touching haiku…

  4. What a lovely way to match words and picture.

  5. Wow – it really does look like hair – now that you mention it of course! I love the imagination and the verse.

  6. Delicious haiku, I love this beautiful picture of the sunflower, beautiful colors.

  7. What a great picture & haiku…perfectly paired ~ as soon as we saw the sunflower, we thought exactly the same about the hair of a fair maiden! Wonderful 🙂

  8. Oh my gosh…you’ve gone and done it now….with your haiku!!! Your work makes me feel sorry for her hair. Keening…a great word. [the picture is perfect.]

    Thanks for the visit this morning.

  9. Perfect n prose!

  10. What a beautiful post, wow!

  11. THAT is so COOL!!! I love it!


  12. A big thumbs up on this one. A visual delight.

  13. Really cool haiku here.

    Everything has an end. Love always how you captured your photos.

    Great shot again, Maam!

    Greetings from snowy Stockholm,

  14. This is just so expressive of the photo 🙂

  15. that would look great as a painting

    alive on subway senryu

  16. Such beauty and fabulous textures and lines,…even in things dying. Lovely shot!

  17. A clever twist to the normal fresh flowers, MMT There’s a lot of beauty in the fading flower. It stands on its own! Great write!


  18. Great shadow shot for the day — hmmmm kind of looks like me this morning!! But somehow I don’t look that great??? Enjoy your week!


  19. a dramatic shot ! spring is coming up over here ! another cycle of life !

  20. Wow. The haiku is great, and doesn’t need the picture, but I love the photo too.


  21. a stunning photo – and perfect marriage between photo and words

  22. It looks like a painting!

  23. Romantic use of the word “maiden”. Like Nature’s version of the Rapunzel legend!

  24. This is really a beautiful photo and I love the verse!

  25. Lovely post, very autumnal and suited to our season here int eh Southern Hemisphere!

    Thank you for participating in Floral Friday Fotos!

  26. and so majestic still in its demise; lovely photograph

  27. Your haiku is perfect for your great shot!

  28. Still look stunning to me, at least in photography.

  29. What a great shot, I love it!

  30. it looks like a surreal painting.:p


  31. It’s still beautiful though. Have a fabulous week.

    Liz @ MLC

  32. Awesome and a great post for MYM!

  33. Great shot. Love the words too.

  34. Hi MMT. Brilliant photo and haiku combination. She looks so… Human with the hair and green crown. Really extraordinary.

  35. Great picture, interesting textures.

  36. beautiful even if it’s withering..great shot!

  37. What a great photo/poem combo!

  38. Looks like a painting. Very evocative photo/poem– gives me chills.

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