Only about thirty minutes of daylight remain. All week long I have been cooped up in my classroom with ten understandably recalcitrant adolescent boys, doing state testing. I need to leave the stress behind, and refresh body and soul. I grab my point-and-shoot and head to the wilderness area behind the house.
Something is calling my name. I will know it when I find it, or more precisely, when it finds me. Is it the tuft of dried grass glowing in the last fiery remnants of day? Is it the desiccated sunflower? Perhaps it is the lichen-covered stone.
Oh, it is you, tiny white flowers! I do not know your name, but this I do know: You are my bread in this wilderness, you are the wine that refreshes. I kneel before you in awe and wonder. Te adoro.

fragile white blossoms
nearly crushed by careless boot
last-minute reprieve

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Northern Arizona
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  1. What a wonderful macro! You have quite the eye for seeing even the tiniest bit of beauty.

  2. What a wonderful post ! I love your photo, your haiku (excellent), and your commentary. Nature can certainly bring us peace, a renewal of our spirit, and put joy in our heart. I hope you have “summer vacation” in front of you soon–teachers NEED that break. Have a good week. Mickie 🙂

  3. simply beautiful mmt. simply beautiful.

  4. Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio

    It IS the little things in life that are so significant! Thanks for sharing your moment with us-a reminder to be in the present.

  5. Exquisite flower and a delightful macro shot for the day! Hope you have a lovely weekend!!


  6. And to think you captured the photo just in time before the sun went down!

  7. Awesome Haibun … my husband is charge of testing next week at the judicially based alternative school … he is not looking forward to the 5 school days ahead! Great job — nothing like the day’s end gifts!!

  8. Thank God for wilderness, and for calling.

  9. My God…when tiny white flowers are having this effect on you..I think it is time to get out of there:)

  10. Lucky you listened to them calling you!! Cool ShadowShot.

  11. beautiful image and poetry…so often the most delicate exquisite majesty is very, very near…we just have to stop and look right where we are standing (or sitting) to discover the magic alive in the world.

  12. Sometimes it is the littlest of things that mean the most!

  13. Wonderful sentiments. Nicely versed.

  14. Gorgeous. How nature refreshes the soul !

  15. We all need a break from the everyday stresses. Yet, we cannot fully relax in the urban jungle, sometimes it takes a jaunt into nature, off the beaten path. It seems that many a plant subject calls us softly – the quiet request calls us over to capture that quiet moment now. A mere glance soothes the soul for a little bit…work will be there later, enjoy nature while we can…

  16. Simply beautiful! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  17. Manna for your soul. Lovely.

  18. Love your words. A great find. Beautiful light!

  19. Wonderful piece. One I can personally relate to. This is how I find my solace too.

  20. Very pretty. I’m glad they gave you some calm. 🙂

  21. Light and shadow, wonderful capture.

  22. Your haiku and photo are so lovely. And I appreciated the intro. It really enhanced everything. Thank you.

  23. I have been feeling quite cooped up this week with school work! Even had parent-teacher interviews till 8:00pm last week followed by a one hour drive home! Long day! And each interview needs recording! So much paperwork these days besides teaching! At weekends I escape to the sea. I know your feelings well! Beautiful ambience in the softly glowing light and veil of shadow round the plant!

  24. I love how poetic prose and haiku blend, enjoyed reading this very much.

  25. Love it! Really good stuff.

  26. Beautiful photo and haiku!

  27. One of your best works yet. I haven’t seen you in a while, but it has been good to catch up with you. Thanks for visiting me.

  28. Oh, your thoughts and conversational style that you express them is so refreshing! I am so thrilled to hear you speak this way for it is exactly how I feel about creation and visiting it. I’m so awed! Thank you for this!

  29. Tiny white flowers so beautiful, we may not know your name, but you bring us such peace and relief from the stresses of our day.
    Wonderful photo!

  30. this is so beautiful…..those petals are wonderfully crafted by the Creator and you took such an exquisite stress relieving shot….

  31. Wonderful and peaceful…

  32. There are a zillion stressed people around right now; testing, scoring, reading, supporting…
    Hard time for students, teachers and parents.
    It\s great you know where to escape!

  33. I can’t get enough with your great prose. I always stop and read twice. Or am I here for your prose or for your stunning shot? giggles*

    HOnestly, I am here to both reasons. Great job done, Maam.

    You always rock. GB,

  34. I like the part “when it finds me”, instead of you finding it.

    Such a soft, delicate image today. And I really like it.

    My Shadow Link: RUDDY TURNSTONE

  35. last-minute reprieve – I like this image!!!

  36. Beautiful shot!

  37. I love “The wine that refreshes”

  38. Beautiful photo – I just love the color of the sunlight on those white petals. And your haiku – just lovely – a wonderful moment captured. And your prose introduction – I completely understand. I’m grateful to all the poetry which surrounds me – it has been saving my insanity during all this standardized testing.


  39. Beautiful shot! What a stress relief that is then. 🙂

  40. You were alert enough, after such a trying school day, to see the tiny floral gift in front of you.

    My Shadow Shot is at:

    Have a great week ahead.

  41. LOVED the line–“nearly crushed…”.

    Well done and said as always!


  42. Lovely image, I am glad for that last minute reprieve!

    Thank you for participating in Floral Friday Fotos!

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