A Dozen Ways to Clarity

Haiku Heights

In my own kitchen
may I have clarity, Lord,
as I mix muffins.
~~ ~~ ~~
coffee with sugar—
seven cups of clarity
to begin the day
~~ ~~ ~~
Clarity trembling,
she pours herself a cognac,
spilling several drops.
~~ ~~ ~~
She hears a drummer,
and then with new clarity,
understands her call.
~~ ~~ ~~
Have you lost your mind
or only a small portion
of your clarity?
~~ ~~ ~~
Too much in this world
messes with our clarity,
and we go astray.
~~ ~~ ~~
We had a good life
until lack of clarity
smudged our days with grief.
~~ ~~ ~~
Crossing the river—
a new way to clarity
for the wanderer.
~~ ~~ ~~
On this wretched night
she has no more clarity—
the broken wineglass.
~~ ~~ ~~
Guided by fireflies,
we are seeking clarity
on this summer’s eve.
~~ ~~ ~~
Without letting go
of the need for clarity,
plunge into darkness.
~~ ~~ ~~
Clarity falters
as she bets her last heartbeat
on his fickle love.

© 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. The third one is my favorite… what words.. splendid

  2. So many ways representing clear thoughts. Great!

  3. Beautiful takes… loved the fifth one absolutely!!!
    Shower of rejuvenation – A Haiku

  4. I started with the last today..and I maintain you keep you best for the last..it keep the interest alive.. so good..MMT..

  5. Superb collection of haiku ….ESP the last one.. my favorite..

  6. Wonderful set of haiku. This one is my favourite:
    “She hears a drummer,
    and then with new clarity,
    understands her call.”

  7. excellent set of healing haikus ~thanks, namaste, ^_^

  8. Very lovely set…You captured all the moments ~ Excellent work ~

  9. I just lost a post, but wanted to say that your haikus on clarity are absolutely brilliant. I’ll see if I do better commenting this time.

  10. A whole range of offerings again. The last one is a timely caution! Great take MMT


  11. Beautiful set and great examples chosen!
    Fuddling thoughts

  12. A dramatic series of descriptive snapshots! The drummer seems to smile at me!

  13. Superlike, what a brilliant poet you are!

  14. I aplaud your dozen..its a fine collection..enjoyed each one:)

  15. Brave to go for a dozen. Mine, by contrast, is extre short!

  16. beautifully written set…BTW i completely agree with the second one…similar case with me… 😛

  17. If I had to pick two favorites…the wanderer and the fireflies….
    Cheers, friend.

  18. wonderful collection…this was my favorite:
    Crossing the river—
    a new way to clarity
    for the wanderer.

  19. Beautiful exploration of the many facets of clairty. Here is my NaPoWriMo 28:


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