Seeking Clarity

Hogan at Hubbell

Seeking clarity,
I welcome shadow dancers
and their tongues of light.

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: The stone hogan, Hubbell Trading Post, Ganado, Arizona
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  1. I love the stone used in this building!

  2. You do the best photos of the rez and northern AZ! Happy SSS.

  3. Nice, sharp desert shadows and I like the imagrey of “shadow dancers”.

  4. Ah, hah! I stare at your photo and squint my eyes, hoping for clarity among the shadows. Loved your fence picture, too, as those are my favorites. I can see you publishing a book of your fences.

  5. The stark trees do define the simple nature. Leafless they may be, but the slight breeze will let them ‘dance’ to and fro. Neat!

  6. embracing the all
    the song becomes the dancer
    clarity unfolds

  7. Mystical dragon tongues casting shadows… clarity enveloped in imagination.

  8. dance on beautiful shadow…dance on.

  9. The stark shadow shape offers a sense of spiritual serenity in this lovely glimpse of rugged walls and tree trunk framing the view beyond!

  10. Wish this is where I live, a solemn and sunny sorroundings.

    Love it, seems I am in my retreat mood.

    Happy SSS,

  11. Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio

    Always profound. Love the message and the image.

  12. Excellent play of shadows, excellent frame and exquisite haiku.

  13. I always love the shadow of trees!

  14. Such a lovely building…like the window especially. The curving shadow the tree makes is so pretty. genie

  15. What a great shot. We could all use a bit of charity.

  16. Terrific shadow shot as always! Love the tree! And, yes, we all can indeed use a bit of clarity!! Hope you’re having a great weekend! Enjoy!


  17. our trees are very similar this week although mine are near water
    I love the stone work

  18. Lovely shadow shot. Clarity… we could sure use more of it!

  19. “tongues of light” – well done! Your words drew an amazing image!

  20. Loved this, seemed like our haiku were made for each other!

  21. Good picture to begin my sunday morning!

  22. Shadow dancers are cool! 🙂

  23. Nice strong stone building … and the shadows of the trees will be welcome as the heat grows …

  24. Your haikus are always the best!!! I can ‘see’ their dances as I read it. Well done. And the image, as always, is perfect for your writing.

  25. lovely contrasts of light andshade in this photo!


  26. Interesting composition and shadows! Love your haiku!

  27. I’m so happy we get to share and see each areas Shadows. I so envy your shots..and ability with words!

    Have a Blessed Sunday!


  28. Wonderful shadow shot.

  29. Very lovely tree shadow in a neat line nearly parallel with the building.

  30. yellow tulip

    Lovely take on clarity:-) .. nice pic…

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