Time to Say Good-Bye


crimson glory fades
fire burns low in wan leafheart
time to say good-bye

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Southern California
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  1. My, this is sad in a beautiful way!

  2. Beautiful haiku and photo!

  3. Sad but lovely haiku ~

  4. The cycle….sad but necessary. Great poem.

  5. I love way you can portray the last of whatever of the season. You always seem to find good pictures to match.


  6. Perfectly captures that end of the season feeling!

  7. really beautiful
    delicate shadows and wonderful composition

  8. Goodbye is a sad word. ^_^ Awesome photos!


  9. It’s sad but it is such a beautiful photo.

    Lucky Charm

  10. The right words for that beautiful photo.

  11. I agree with all the others….sad but beautiful!

  12. What a wonderful haiku. The picture is perfect for your sad words.

  13. amazing haiku … very nice …
    sometimes i feel

  14. Goodbye… and then… inevitably, again… hello. That is the wonder of it all.

  15. A very clever use of all the memes!

  16. love how u keep the essence & still share with so many places Mmt 🙂 wonderful haiku.

  17. well expressed ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  18. A Walk In My Heart

    Love this haiku.

  19. beautiful! i can see the embers dying as the color drains away!

  20. Love the picture of a solitary leaf which fades at the end of a cycle… it’s burnt out…

  21. Not much left to say when the fire goes out!

  22. Very lovely with a touch of sadness. Saying goodbye is never easy, but sometimes inevitable. I love the photo.

  23. absolutely beautiful prose…..imagery fantastic…

  24. margaretbednar

    crimson glory! Loved that.

  25. My goodness, that was so touching! Thanks for supporting Carry on Tuesday – the positive messages I’ve received could well change my mind!

  26. All things have a time to live and time to die.

  27. You have the knack!! 🙂
    Visiting from Carry On Tuesday

  28. Ooh, a sad one! Very poignant – nice.

  29. The end nicely penned.

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