Ravaged Pine Heart

Rotting tree heart

these crumbling ruins
no longer forest’s playground—
fire-ravaged pine heart

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Kaibab National Forest, Northern Arizona
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  1. So sad, but we know it will thrive again.

  2. give a million year, they will become coal?

  3. This is a very impressive and heart-rending haiku! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Beautifully thought out.. MMT..

  5. You describe a regular event here in Spain. The pines look devastated after a fire, but it is suprising how quickly the new growth begins.

  6. Great words and shadows as well as a sad reminder of just how much of our world is destroyed by fires! The ones in Arizona these days are really frightening because of the extremely dry weather they have had this year! Have a good weekend!

  7. Destruction and it’s effects! Sigh..
    Haven of solitude amongst rising thoughts

  8. new growth…it is well with my soul. nice shadow shot mmt.

  9. Ah, but beauty comes from the ashes.

  10. The fire destroys – yet the fire renews too, as the new growth replenishes the forest floor and then some. The poor pine at least provides shadowy brilliance…

  11. Fire ravaged pine heart…and such a stunning image…much enjoyed!

  12. I think some forest creatures will still use the pine remnants to play…..Wonderful haiku

  13. Wonderful photo, I like that the new growth can be seen. Forests need fire, although many think otherwise…

  14. Paula Scott Molokai Girl Studio

    Like the Phoenix…very apropo image seeing as we are on or near the anniversary of last year’s wild fires.

  15. wow…a completely new interpretation here!! very touching..loved it:)

  16. it is sad, but a burn can also promote new life and new hopes….

  17. These crumbling ruins have a sadness but also a poignant beauty! A great subject for poetic thoughts!

  18. I second demotion with Gemma. This old ruins really want to say something, just if they can talk.

    Very poetic shot.

    Happy SSS.

  19. Yeah, nice play of textures, lights and shadows. I love this composition with logs.

  20. sad but excellent ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  21. Sad but excellent haiku ~ thanks, namaste, ^_^

  22. An interesting play on words. Your poem like mine is about a heart but of another kind.

  23. An interesting play on words. Like my poem yours is about a heart but of another kind.

  24. The picture’s a bit sad, right? Imagining what a great tree it was once..

  25. So sad seeing the great trees in this manner. You captured all the details very well.

  26. True enough MMT! How it hurts to see nature in ‘ruins’. Picture choice is so artistic, Ma’am!


  27. This is a sad haiku. You’ve made the tree seem like a feeling being, mortally wounded. I like that.

  28. Home. The forest lives in cycles.

  29. Even trees are not forever…that’s life.
    Beautiful shot!

  30. old wood is so beautiful. Love that shot.

  31. So many see fire damage as ‘sad’…but in nature, fires are good for the forest.

    My Shadow Link: OLD RUGGED CROSS – do stop by if you have some time.

    Have a great Sunday!!

  32. Very thoughtful and beautiful haiku 🙂
    Heart turned stone

  33. the consolation is that it will grow again

  34. This is beautiful, a wonderful shadow as well…even though it came from something devastating, it gives us hope how nature picks up the pieces and starts again! Lovely haiku MMT!

  35. What awesome texture. But it is sad as well – and your words really highlight that.

  36. Nice pic on a old three !
    Thank you for sharing !

  37. Image and haiku so well matched, and well done.

  38. redondowriter

    At first glance it looks sad, but then I realize that this is a natural cycle and my heart doesn’t ache so much.

  39. Oh, how sad…

  40. The cycles of life, sometimes heart breaking, sometimes joyous.

  41. The life of a forest! Love the shot and the haiku both 🙂

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