Crickets Honor You


Crickets honor you,
mower that no longer zings,
scissoring the grass.
~~~ ~~~ ~~~
Mowing days over,
farmer cultivates the joy
of resting from toil.

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Livestock corral, Hubbell Trading Post, Ganado, Arizona
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  1. great shot! thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. We sympathize with the farmer who toiled for pittance. They suffered first before every one else when their implements went awry! Great verse MMT!


  3. lovely description of the picture, a different take!

  4. Creative photo ~ lovely haiku ~ am ‘ enjoy the farmer’s rest’ thanks, namaste, ^_^
    main blog (A Creative Harbor)

  5. Great shadow shot for the day! You do find the unusual ones! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. This combine (?) is a relic to the past, a forward thinking design that perhaps made obsolete the sickle and the scythe of yore. A cool implement, but with that uncomfortable looking steel seat, perhaps the modern, enclosed and air-conditioned tractor is a bit more comfortable for the now retired farmer…

  7. Excellent! It must be a nice break for farmers to cultivate not just soil, but joy – joy indeed. Love the picture too.

  8. This is certainly an interesting old piece of equipment!

  9. To farm is hard labor, but to reap its fruits is a joy ~ Glad he got some rest ~

  10. What a great old piece of equipment. Farming must have been truly backbreaking in “the good old days”.

  11. Love that second haiku!

  12. Gorgeous photograph MMT, speaks a lot more than the haiku.

  13. How happy, getting old is o k!!!

  14. Your photo is so stark and real…and your set was beautifully worded…

  15. Your photo is very realistic! And you haiku is amazing – I like crickets replacing the mower that no longer zings…

  16. just as beautiful in this decaying state.

  17. Great shot MMT….love it 🙂 we’ve got several old pieces of farm equiptment by our shop that crickets “honor” ~ ha! Enjoy your weekend!

  18. i’m sure the oxen or the horses are thankful the olden days are over

    valued benevolence haiku

  19. In India we celebrate a festival called baisakhi and you rightly described the joy a farmer feels when he or she cultivates the farm… brilliant

  20. What an incredible picture of days gone by…honored with your haikus!

  21. ahhhhhh sweet day of rest! hope you are enjoying yous.

  22. You understand that joy must be cultivated. A nice thought!

  23. Magical old relic from other days! Love the pall of abandonment, the space of silence touched with shadow!

  24. Smiling back at you :~)

  25. Wow! What a nice picture … the set of haiku is really stunning. I love the second one the most. Thank you for sharing.

  26. I bet that was the greatest thing in its day!

  27. What a great image. Very nostalgic…perfect for today.


  28. Love that blue, blue sky!

    Happy Blue Monday.

  29. we almost ran into same set, but expressions here are brilliant!

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