Too Early for Crows

Dawn, Gila Mtns.

on little mice feet
morning skitters through the field—
too early for crows

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Gila Mountains at dawn near Wellton, Arizona
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  1. Skønt lys på dit billede 🙂

  2. Great haiku – I live in a rural area; this is SO perfect.

  3. I love the quietness of this haiku. And the photo is wonderful:)

  4. Ah I can imagine those mice at the fields perfectly 🙂 Have a nice weekend!

  5. this is pure delight!
    just the thought of little feet skittering across the morning, and beating the crows to the hem of dawn? SWEET!

  6. yes
    the mice will play
    when the crows R away

    {{ crows R here
    in my florida;
    should i send over
    a murder of crows;
    let me know…
    we are fast friends,
    me & crows }}

    is yummy
    in my mouth—> ””morning skitters through the field””

  7. I like this, after just come in from an early morning photo shoot in my back field. My crows came later!

  8. Lovely light in this and great imagery in the haiku.

  9. I bet there are a lot of mice skittering through those fields!

  10. So beautiful – the light of morning that is skittering on ‘mice feet’….I am so impressed with your photographic and writing talents….

  11. Beautiful sky. My sky is grey.

  12. I am sure when the dust storms hit one cannot see with all this dirt! I spend winter in Arizona and know how much dust these fields can make when the winds blow!
    Great capture..seems peaceful..for now.

  13. Rising sun is a promise. 🙂 And…I see the fence.

  14. I love the color of the ground.

  15. The ‘air’ of morning is caught completely in this image, I can imagine the little feet scurrying before crow arrives! Perfect! x

  16. That’s very early indeed! And very beautiful.

  17. Lucky mice 🙂 Lovely early morning picture too.
    Lovely Haiku.

  18. A fine poem describing early-morning. I like the golden light in your photo.

  19. A perfect image/Haiku combo!

  20. Far too early…but not far an amazing view like this 🙂

  21. oh i see it! pretty view!!

  22. The scarecrows are up. I had to explain to my kids, they are not just for crows.

  23. Lovely shot. Love the reflection of the early sun. The soil looks almost red. And, the fence was not hard to find.

    Still playing catch up. Thanks for visiting my decorated fence.

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