Ordinary Day

Callejon del Romance

Ordinary day—
in a narrow little street
dawn flirts with the stones.

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
Photo: Callejon del Romance, Morelia, Michoacán, México
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  1. I like the dawn flirting with the stones ~ Nice one ~


  2. How beautiful? Are stones responding? Could be very intersting…

    Ah, dawn flirts,
    happy stones respond;
    empty street..

    This is an inspired haiku very spontaneous ..MMT.. hope you will like it..

  3. Romance n night always go hand in hand… but for the first time dawn and flirt sounds really pleasing! 🙂
    Painting heart with hope.

  4. Last lines does the magic, perfect!

  5. your photos are so unusual, and your prose feels so soothing….love the flirting dawn especially….great job

  6. Terrific shadow shot for the day and I love your words as always!! Enjoy your weekend!


  7. What a fabulous view – we could be transported back 100 or more years, this being an urban setting without the modern accoutrements of electricity or cars. Unseen, it seems to be of a quieter era long ago…

  8. i like how you describe that, MMT… dawn flirting with the stones.. makes morning seem so romantic! 🙂

  9. I like this flirt of the dawn!!! Well done!

  10. the light is
    just awakening
    hearts of stones

  11. dawn flirts with stones loved the lines :):) amazingly crafted haiku :):):)

  12. Ah, but this begs the question-is it an ordinary day? Is any day really an ordinary day or are they all extraordinary?

    I believe I’ll hang on to the latter…great shot (demonstrates the feeling of infinity very well by way of perspective), great haiku!!

  13. I love the Haiku and I would love to walk down the street to see where it takes me.

  14. I like the little patches of light on the left hand walls.

  15. A wonderful day for a stroll down the alley….love it!

  16. Such a clean little walk way. I assume no one drives down there.

  17. Wonder if it is in the shade most of the day? Looks very narrow.

  18. Inspired, no doubt by a beautiful dawn. I love the flirting.

  19. Nice to pass through that lane.

  20. That’s a beautiful photo.

  21. what a soothing shot. i love old stones. so much better than the asphalt they use everywhere around here.

  22. The haiku, initially, seems to paint the bland spirit of the streetscape, but then tweaks the comfort with the light flirting! Haiku beautifully complements the image!

  23. Such an aura of mystery!
    Have a blessed Sunday!
    Lea’s Menagerie

  24. The haiku is inspired…

  25. Love it! “Dawn flirts with stones.” Nice.

  26. A lovely shot MMT! Thanks for the greetings.

  27. ¡Hola! La foto es hermosa. Nos vamos de vacaciones a España pronto… 🙂

  28. what a lovely atmospheric street…

  29. Peaceful and quiet, very ordinary! Great pic and beautiful write MMT


  30. what a quaint little street mmt. such a cool picture!!!

  31. Awesome photo and love …dawn flirting with the stone ~ delightful haiku ~thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  32. I agree with everyone here!! AMAZING!!!!!

  33. Love your view of the street and the haiku is a perfect match!

  34. love your Haiku man…everyone…every single time…and this one was superb… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  35. dawn flirting with the stones.. what an amazing take.. love it…

  36. A romantic morning, dawn flirting with the stones… i feel like being a part of that ordinary day !! 🙂

  37. I love narrow little streets! Great photo and lovely poem 🙂

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