Old Mariachis

Old Mariachis

Painting at Fábrica La Aurora San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, México

old mariachis
their faces creased with music
tumbling through the night

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. daryledelstein

    that’s wonderful .. love the painting and your clever words

  2. painting and words are such a team….love the ‘faces creased with music’ – clearly seen

  3. I can honestly say that this is the very best mariachi haiku I’ve ever read! ☺

  4. I love that! Words to art! I can just feel the emotion of the men resting after playing with such enthusiasm!

  5. “Creased with music,” no doubt from the joy music brings 🙂

  6. As always, your brilliant haiku has captured the mood of the photo. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Love the painting and your words …

    Happy Rednesday!

  8. One upon a time, we were on vacation and saw so many of these fellows. They do a great job.

  9. There is a restaurant on Oracle Drive in Tucson that had the best M. Band around. I just loved going there to dine. And enjoyed viewing this wonderful work of ar.

  10. Sorry….I left off the “T” in art.

  11. Wooowwww! I just love the painting and haiku combo!

  12. This is very cool. I like the use of their faces having creases. Great Painting and wonderful Haiku.


  13. Great observation!!!
    Lovely picture!!

  14. Ah, love them! Fortunately, living in Southern California, we get to see old and young ones from time to time. Always a joy.

  15. “Their faces creased with music” is much better than from age.

  16. Oh how I would so love to tumble through the night to the sound of their music, this would be heaven!x

  17. A great festive way to start the summer! Have a great weekend!

  18. What a wonderful combination of picture and words… I can almost hear the music!

  19. “…faces creased with music” – love that 🙂

  20. Tumbling through the night and dreaming of bees and flowers blooming… love, love, love this oh magical mystical teacher…

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