Seven Farewells to San Miguel


The first line of each haiku or senryu below is taken from San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato and the Bajío by Julie Doherty Meade. (I was in San Miguel de Allende last week, and scribbled while on the plane back to the United States Saturday evening.)
This week’s whirling words are: blend, latch, chest, current, draft, string, crack, spare, temper, refrain, racket, trace, strike. For this selection, I have used: refrain, strike, spare, crack, chest, blend, racket .

the crickets chiming
an elegant old refrain
clearer than church bells
~~ ~~ ~~
Flowering fruit trees
strike the thick afternoon air
with their fragrant fists.
~~ ~~ ~~
an old pepper tree
with abundant shade to spare—
midday resting place
~~ ~~ ~~
Right across the street
a small door opens a crack—
vieja peeks out.
~~ ~~ ~~
in the old mansion
an elegant wooden chest—
Pandora slept here
~~ ~~ ~~
some of the guest rooms
blend in with the midnight sky—
bed down with the stars
~~ ~~ ~~
bustle of the street
fireworks and donkeys braying
racket through the night

© 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Wonderfully wordled. Love each haiku. My favorite this week would be:

    in the old mansion
    an elegant wooden chest—
    Pandora slept here.

    (Unfortunately she opened it before she slept!)

  2. What? You were beginning to find wordles too easy, so threw in another parameter? I love the one you chose, using the first lines to kick off the rest.

  3. I never cease to be moved by your works…..I can see clearly every image you create with words….

  4. I like the images this week’s pieces evoke. Trees, and old person peeking out…. Beautiful work. Inspired.

  5. Beautiful flow – lovely connection of first lines blended with your own beautiful images

  6. I like the technique and the images that you have used here. Very nicely done.

  7. You create such a magical story!

  8. Using the first lines from someone else’s poetry is a great inspiration. I enjoy how you do this.

  9. How could you leave such a place? I’d want to stay forever! x

  10. Each one is a delight, Magical. I hope you enjoyed your stay here south of the border.


  11. A series of such lovely images…….especially the “fragrant fists”. Thanks for posting at the Pantry. Happy Sunday!

  12. thank you for singing your heartsongs seven holy times.

  13. Lovely, lovely… will be visiting again.

  14. Felt like I was strolling down the street breathing in your details. Although I admire all of them, the second is my favorite, loved those fragrant fists. Love what you are doing, its great!


  15. Lovely haikus. Very cool that you combined someone’s lines with the word challenge. What a great writing exercise! Well done. 🙂

    My pantry poem: Ubiety.

  16. That pepper tree… my gram had one. No AC, high heat and the shade of that tree made summer days a joy. Of course, homemade ice cream helped, too.

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