Three Farewells to San Miguel

The first line of each haiku or senryu below is taken from San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato and the Bajío by Julie Doherty Meade. (I was in San Miguel de Allende last week, and left Saturday to return to the U.S.)

The crickets’ chiming
dissipates thick morning fog—
symphony of grace.
~~ ~~ ~~
a charming guest house
lenient in all its ways
pillowing my soul
~~ ~~ ~~
Mexican bedspreads—
I struggle to forget them
back in Iowa.

© 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. What charming word pictures!

  2. enjoyed these very much – I love Mexico

  3. Mexican bedspreads are not easy to forget. Sort of like maltese terriers:)

  4. I love the pillow and the symphony. We just came back from a resort in North Lake Tahoe where our bedroom door opened up to the beach. Back at home it feels like a sorrowful breakup rather than the end a vacation trip. I feel your struggle. 🙂

  5. Delightful all three haikus

  6. You are a mistress of the genre.

  7. Wonderful words!!! Will feel much the same when I return from Colorado later this summer.

  8. I used to feel that way when we traveled a lot but since age has crept upon us we have made the decision to staycation and love it this way. You are a wizard with words.

  9. each haiku straight from your heart. this is the generous way you unfold yourself; conversations of soul offered in perfect haiku, like prayer beads strung thoughtfully together and handed to the world. thank you for your place here at haiku my heart, you are a loyal corner stone on the haiku path i am honored to share with you each friday.

  10. Beautiful farewells ! And you take the memories home with you to savor.
    Happy Friday !

  11. sounds like a grand sojourn….happy and free feeling to haiku

  12. Thanks for sharing your visit to San Miguel de Allende in haiku, I like the imagery of Crickets chiming in symphonies of grace!

  13. Gentle and lovely. You must have enjoyed yourself very much in San Miguel.

    How Did This Happen?

  14. Mexican bedspread had my fingers flying to Google so I could get an image in my head. I found a chenille bedspread I would kill for. Well, not kill, but you get my drift.

  15. I love the last. There is always something, I find, leftover from a holiday which haunts you for weeks afterwards.

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