Shadows Nibble Stones

An abandoned amphitheatre, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, México

buttresses support
walls thicker than five oak trees—
shadows nibble stones

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. very thoughtful haiku … enlightening !!!

  2. Lovely haiku…I do like the shadows nibbling the stones ~

  3. shadows nibble stone ~ powerful line ~ wonderful haiku ~~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  4. I would love to explore here!

  5. Cressida de Nova

    Shadows nibble the stones,nice line….nibble is one of my favourite words both in English and French
    ‘picorer’…nice one.

  6. Beautiful and wise post for the day as always!

  7. this view is even more breath taking mmt. beautiful angles and shadows and texture.

  8. The abandoned theater has the look of hosting classical acting on its stage. Maybe not the Bard, but the shadows look as if an echo of the powerful lines left an impression on the stone – and the audience wanting more. Bravo!

  9. what a photo, what an eye you have! beautiful words, but I couldn’t help but think ‘they don’t make ’em like they used to’!

  10. shadows nibble stones

    How fitting. I could almost see the shadows that moved slowly to engulf the stone walls. Nice haiku,MMT


  11. I love Haiku. Such a fitting one for the beautiful shot.

  12. Oh how I love this picture! The different textures of all of the stones they used….a fest for the eyes, as well as the shadows!

  13. The photograph speaks louder than words, MMT. Lovely.

  14. I love that “shadows nibble stones.” So writerly!

  15. Like a secret, shadowy walkway from this perspective! Inspires the curiosity!

  16. Great shot.

  17. Another beautiful view of the amphitheater.

  18. ‘Shadows nibble stones’ – loved this line!
    Quest of the unknown.

  19. Beautiful picture,. shadows are just wonderful, good image in your words!

  20. That is a great interpretation of support, and a wonderful photograph.

  21. your post title is perfect
    the stone work is so beautiful

  22. Kind of sad that the stones are nibbled by shadows. They need to hear song and laughter.


  23. A lovely picture for a lovely haiku. Wonderful!

  24. the haiku goes perfectly with the beautiful photo.

  25. Excellent photo ~ Thanks for sharing!

  26. Wonderful as always my friend.

  27. “shadows nibble stones”
    What a lovely imagery! I have never thought of shadows in that way!

  28. You took the photo from an interesting angle. I think that this is not haiku but a short poem because it is telling and not showing. For example, you tell the reader that:”walls thicker than five oak trees”. The stunning expression:”shadows nibble stones” is called “Personification” and it belongs to the field of poetry.
    As a short poem, I found out that the two contradicting images of (strong support:buttresses support…walls thicker than five oak trees) and(weakness:shadows nibble stones) contributed to the success and beauty of this poem. One can conclude that, no matter how human beings make srong shelters, buildings, etc, nature(shadows:earthquakes floods, fire,etc..) can destroy it easily. So, nature in its negative and positive faces is above human beings.

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