Stones, What Do You Know?

In an arroyo, Northern Arizona

Stones, what do you know
that I must hear this morning,
what vital wisdom?

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Great snapshot ~ I like the question format of your haiku ~

  2. Another wonderfully created haiku and love the photo ~~ thanks, ^_^ (A Creative Harbor) ‘blogger’

  3. MMT, nice,. stones are just like our forefathers,. wisdom!

  4. Wow. Great haiku. It is the arrangement of stones after a flash flood that is so telling; a diverted current here, a turbulent rolling there, a bump and a bounce. They’re like tea leaves, oracular and with fresh tales.

  5. A pathway, makes me think of Hansel and Gretel. Love the invitation to listen.

  6. oh i imagine they have much wisdom to speak as they are in the soil and work themselves to the surface…time and again. great post mmt!!!

  7. The philosopher’s stone!!!! Very well asked…
    Our day, her vital night!

  8. I like the variety of textures, with the smooth stone dominating.

  9. The stones have seen it all, from the flooding rains to all interlopers that travelled through the gully. Yet they remain silent, keeping their impressions to themselves, leaving others to interpret the time and place…

  10. Great place to walk amongst the stones, as long as it isn’t raining.

  11. Love the Haiku and the question you pose..stones are like trees, aren’t they? They have seen so much but cannot tell us what that is.

  12. The different textures say alot. Great photo.

  13. “Take me home with you!” That’s what that gray one is telling me! : )
    If stones could only talk-they hold the history of the earth within them.

  14. Love that poem. It is curious that the gray one should be so completely rounded by time and water, and not be among others of its kind. In this part of the country, that ditch would be paved with them.

  15. Great shot of the stones, shadows and stony path! Love your haiku as well.

  16. Great haiku, I like espiedra, magical.

  17. A question that lingers deep,MMT. Stones are durable, that’s the beauty!


  18. Beautifully done haiku!

  19. PazsNYMinute

    I think the stones will have a lot to tell. 🙂

  20. This is very contemplative..excellent….MMT…

  21. Lovely quiet space – just the earth and who wanders there! Lovely!

  22. that is a lovely smooth stone which is a wonderful contrast to the sand

  23. Hello MMT ! I hope you are well : )
    The sandy stream looks very inviting for bare toes to play in, and this rounded stone is worn with age and wisdom .. I am sure it has seen much history and is very quiet about it all ? 😉
    Beautiful shot and verse !

    definitely the stone has to narrate the story of the alone night.. 🙂 loved the snap even 🙂

  25. I like this trail the stones appear to be following!

  26. for some reason, I’m attracted to stones, especially those in woods or on beaches
    and…I love Haiku! well done, MMteacher!

  27. Crafty Gardener

    Lovely stone photos. I’m sure they have very interesting stories to tell.

  28. I like the path in this photo…not sure if the stone followed the path or is going to follow the path.

  29. Know what you’re getting
    When you swap jokes with a rock;
    Their humor is dry.


  30. A creative use of the prompt and a lovely combination of picture and poem

  31. Very artistic….the stone in the dry arroyo AND your haiku.

  32. A unique haiku here:) Its such a beauty to see people come up with different haiku with one same word:)

  33. I hope you indeed did pick up this rock, take it home, and now are using it as a paperweight for all of these great and worthy comments!!;)

  34. Wonderful haiku MMT and a wonderful picture too.

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