Everywhere the Stars

Haiku Heights

everywhere the stars
singing winsome melodies
on this endless night
~~ ~~ ~~
The tamarind trees
capture stars in their branches
and won’t let them go.
~~ ~~ ~~
Some fabulous bird
with seven stars in its beak
taps at my window.
~~ ~~ ~~
A spiral staircase—
just what I need to visit
the stars at midnight.
~~ ~~ ~~
The sunny courtyard—
underneath a wooden bench
seven stars huddling.
~~ ~~ ~~
Ignoring the wind,
she makes her way to the stars,
kissing them, each one.
~~ ~~ ~~
To keep him happy,
she stirred stars into his tea
and sang lullabies.
~~ ~~ ~~
We are clothed and fed
by stars dressed as grandmothers,
uncles and aunties.
~~ ~~ ~~
She entered the field
where someone had planted stars—
pumpkins were growing.
~~ ~~ ~~
With a mended broom
she sweeps stars from the carpet,
pins them in her hair.
~~ ~~ ~~
Solitary walk,
the pathway littered with stars—
who will sweep them up?
~~ ~~ ~~
So many stories—
more than the stars in the sky!
Who can tell them all?

© 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. magical mystical is a perfect moiker for you and the beauty and joy you bring to us with your talent ..thank you!

  2. Wonderful Star Stories here ! How I would love to see the bird with 7 stars on its beak !
    Happy Friday !

  3. Lovely star filled ideas here today!

  4. spiral staircase got me ~ thanks, for your creativity ~ namaste, (A Creative Harbor)

  5. You absolutely outdid yourself. This should be professionally published.

  6. Your seven stars wove a beautiful story!

  7. Love your offering specially the stirring it into his tea and mended broom ~

  8. These are all great……my favourite…stirring stars in his tea to keep him happy….your are such a romantic MMT:)

  9. Who can tell them all? Definitely You 🙂 Loved your post, as always 🙂

  10. I don’t know how you cank ’em out, teacherman. Great stuff.

  11. Oh what a rich read that was! I could picture each part. Thank you.

  12. Each one a delight.. MMT… for me this is the favourite..

    Some fabulous bird
    with seven stars in its beak
    taps at my window.

    I would have preferred them sing.. but still the tapping must be musical too..


  13. OMG, every one a star! From ‘spiral staircase’ to the ‘mended broom’ to the ‘tamarind tree’ – all jewels!

  14. A beautiful round up of stars and their varied presence. Very nicely dedicated MMT!


  15. These are all wonderful! I am amazed at how easy you make haiku seem.

  16. wow, what a wonderful lot of star poems!

  17. Perhaps, we can imagine those stories in the stars through our heart 🙂


  18. So many stories indeed and u have explained many of them bautifully.

  19. Wonderful, am dumbstruck after reading your magical stars Haiku! Magically woven the 7 stars cool! Really this must be published for the greater good of Haiku 🙂 Absolutely Great. You got yourself a new fan! 😉

  20. ***** 5 stars I give to this fabulous set of haiku! One lovelier than the next. You’re a prolific poet! 🙂

  21. Goodness me, this must be the best Haiku that I have read EVER!!

  22. A lovely collection of star studded haiku…

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