Wayside Pool

Dawn at the mud hole

Dawn, Southern California

Little wayside pool,
when the light creeps out to drink,
stars and planets flee.

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. It appears to be a muddy oasis in the unforgiving desert – the cooling shade and water deny the sun’s oppression. For a brief while that is…

  2. Looks like a large puddle to moi. ;- )

    cool Haiku

  3. Lovely mirror magic and whimsy of words!

  4. lunedemaledaumon

    That is a strange ambiance… so mysterious and wild…

  5. Fantastic haiku & beautiful photo!
    Kat 🙂

  6. Excellent – you know that I am a big fan of reflection shots!!

  7. This is perfectly beautiful : )
    Simple and sweet .. if only our lives would be so ?

  8. really like “when the light creeps out to drink”

  9. Stars and plant flee when lights creep out … Your posts amaze me … You are too good with words 🙂

  10. a magical moment captured here…

  11. That’s pretty with the early sun peeking over.

    Like a desert pantano.

  12. always so much to breath in when looking at your photos….i love it mmt!!! awesome words to go with your photo today!!!

  13. Can’t help but wonder, why would the stars and planets flee? Or am I being too literal? you always make me think?

  14. Love this outdoor shadow and reflection.

  15. Classic MMT! This is a place where I would sit for hours!


  16. I’m from Texas and have seen many a creek dry up like this, tadpoles left to fend for themselves.. Great shot. xo Jenny

  17. Great shot and fabulous haiku!

  18. There you have it all: water, land, sky and the words. Beautiful:)

  19. The muddied sands add such interesting framing texture round the little pool! Beautiful shadowy light!

  20. But with the fleeing of the stars and planets….we’re sure that many critters come out to get a drink as well 🙂 what a great shot…love all of the textures here!

  21. Very (uber) poetic! You DO have a way with words! And, images!

  22. a good place to sit still and wait for the animals – very nice posting

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      It’s not a long wait. As soon as I step into the area, the ground comes alive with hundreds of teeny tiny frogs!

  23. really really beautiful
    I love the trees in the water

  24. Love the reflections in the pond – love your haiku as well!

  25. Lovely, I thought of light as a lion, coming out to the watering hole, sending the star antelopes fleeing 😛

  26. Interesting.. I hadn’t got a clear idea on this (and perhaps still not), but Otter’s idea seems to fit 😉 Nice camerawork as usual, MMT.


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