Ancient Witness

Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

Not a wisp of green,
yet the ancient witness thrives
in desolation.

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. That’s the wonder of nature. Survival in trying circumstances. Nice write MMT!


  2. Desolation is what strikes the heart !!!

  3. I love this photo. I seem to always take photos of trees that have lost all their foliage…especially if there is a clear expanse of sky behind the branches…..I just love it. This is a great photo that really has a story to tell.

  4. Long may it witness and find young to carry on its tradition! Beautiful poem and pic!
    I see magnificence in the tall and dead trees, a power captured oddly enough in the last of the three “The Lord of the Rings” films within another desolate landscape.

  5. amazing.
    both word and vision, thriving!

  6. what a history these hills hold!

  7. Cool picture!! We often wonder what things these old trees (even homes) have seen….probably a good thing that they can’t speak 🙂

  8. what in the world live in these hole behind your hardy tree? lovely haiku….

  9. Oh! How much I wish they would talk to me!
    A good one ma’am 🙂

  10. I love the desert. So much on the surface looks like it’s dying or dead, yet there it stands, testimony to survival against all odds.

  11. Different take on the prompt…Liked it!

  12. Very refreshing to see the prompt used in this way!

    Green memories come alive
    Peekaboo with the moon!

  13. Gorgeous! I love places and photos such as these. And your haiku is a great thought capture as well.

  14. wonderful mage wonderful haiku!

  15. oh my so gorgeous! I left a comment earllier-not sure if it took-if this is a duplicate my apologies!

  16. PS….I may be out of line, but the one who suggested thumbnails…well, she has oftentimes told ME how to do MY blog, and I find that very offensive. I would think that if she wanted to host it, she should have volunteered to take over….her loss. Just ignore and do what you think is best…and I personally like the surprise of the shadows with just text links!!!

  17. an image that raises a lot of questions. 🙂

  18. There is something amazing in the starkness of this photo. Haiku says it all.

  19. I need no green when I visit your beautiful world of blues and rusts!

  20. The bold band of shadow highlights and underlines the wonder of this greenless desert beauty! Beautiful image and haiku!

  21. I love the earthy tone mixes with the blue sky. Amazingly beautiful

    Happy SSS…

  22. A lonely, bare tree enjoying the sun and blue sky before the shadows creep over it.

  23. Reminds me of Hopi turquoise. Love the idea of an ancient witness and the contrast of thrive and desolation.

  24. definitely worth showing, I like the simplicity of it. Get a warm feeling to looking at it

  25. I like this shot, looks like a painting!

  26. Little people tickling the roots…………so it’s not totally abandoned. Happy Sunday!

  27. Wonderful shot and text 🙂

  28. Simple n thought provoking…loved reading it …

  29. So true…nice shot! Bet this tree could tell some stories!!

  30. It is as though you can hear the ancients whispering the secrets of the past!

  31. You have such a way of describing your photos in your haiku. Always a pleasure to see and read. Happy Sunday!!

  32. Love this shot, nicely framed.

  33. what a stunning shot mmt. love the holes in the sand!!

  34. An ancient relic
    Writes its story in drab shades
    Of brown and ocher.


  35. I really like this. What an extraordinary place.

  36. Lovely colors…and I like the nothing green on the picture ~

  37. Great composition and color in your photo. Love the metaphor of thriving in desolation–survival! Well done haiga 🙂

  38. There is so much melancolia there… Nice shot.

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