Sibilant Shadows

Serpentine shadows

Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona

sibilant shadows
hissing their serpentine way
through alien land

Text and photo © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher
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  1. Spooky much?!! Gave me the creeps! 😉

    Finding epitome of life!

  2. Scary…I can hear ‘suhinaa’ and ‘sihinää’ – sibilant in Finnish…hssss…

  3. At first this looks like it could be the surface of another planet. So interesting and the colors beautiful. Your captures are always so interesting. genie

  4. what a wonderful backdrop for shadows mmt!!! i am with everyone else…spooky!!!

  5. I guess I’m in the minority, I don’t find it spooky at all!! I just like the different textures and the sunlight on the old dry branches.

  6. the desert is an alien land to most of us… the early light and shadows…

    • magicalmysticalteacher

      Good for you, recognising the time of day as early morning! I wrote the haiku last night, before I had a photo to go with it, and had to rush out at daybreak with my camera.

  7. Sylvia Kirkwood

    Yep, spooky, but a great shadow shot for the early morning!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. A slithering Sonoran serpentine shadow – the desert floor feels alive!

  9. excellent snaky shadowy haiku! Love the image your words create.

  10. You took this photo in beatiful light.

  11. lovely light effects here

  12. What a wonderful, simple shot! Not a friendly landscape though…looks very isolated! Your haiku is perfect, as always.

  13. A very bristly kind of drama in your haiku giving us a fresh perspective on the shadowy landscape!

  14. Golden snakes, glowing in the sun. Lovely

  15. Wonderful haiku for the prompt. Your picture is beautiful.

  16. You can feel the warmth of the day radiating from those dead branches.

  17. I don’t think “spooky” is an adjective that can be applied accurately to the haiku. Disturbing, maybe, but not spooky.

  18. Great photo! I think it’s cool!

  19. How sad and beautiful, all at once!

  20. Hello MMT : ) Thank you for stopping at my blog and your kind comments !
    This is a golden scene .. the light is my favorite .. warm and inviting .. simply beautiful with the textures of the wood, sand, and desert brush .. true twilight ..
    Reading some of the above comments leaves me perplexed .. spooking ? scary ?
    Not at all .. it has a resonance of “home” to me .. where ever I was .. before “here” ..
    The haiku was interesting .. wink wink

  21. looks like morning sun with a great day to come. Love the yellow shadows. 🙂

  22. wonderful warmth in the light makes the landscape look friendlier 🙂
    perfect poem to match

  23. wonderful sooc work!!

  24. I see daybreak and wonder what’s beyond the horizon?

  25. A perfect pic with a perfect haiku…The way you weave the words is really magical…

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